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Australia: legal resources: Books

Australian commentary in print in the Law Library

All current monographs on Australian law and legal system are on Level 2, as part of a sequence arranged initially by legal subject/topic rather than jurisdiction. Books in this subject sequence all have shelf marks beginning KB to KN

Below are some examples of the classification system at work - with Australian books as examples. In many sections a A8 or AUS in the third line of the shelf mark is what to look out for!

KB Biography, Memoirs, "popular" accounts of trials 

KB.15.AUS.GAU 2010 From Moree to Mabo : the Mary Gaudron Story

KC Domestic law with international dimension

eg KC.214.AUS.AUG 1995 Extradition : Australian Law and Procedure

KL Legal System, Administration of Justice

KL.26 is just for books on the Australian legal system

KL.176 Legal reform (federal level)
plus three letter State code for legal reform in individual states/territories

In most of the other KL shelf marks,  A8 in the third line identifies an Australian-focused work.
KL.251.A8.APP 2016 The Role of the Solicitor-General : Negotiating Law, Politics and the Public Interest

KM Public Law 

A8 in the third line of the shelf mark indicates a work looking at the Australian handling of the public law topic.

eg KM.335.A8.BAR 2020 Foundations of Taxation Law

KN Private Law

A8 in the third line of the shelf mark indicates a work about the Australian handling of a private law topic.

eg KN.170.A8.SLA 2014 Family law made simple : marriage, divorce, children, separation & the legal system 

What does Cw Aus 450 to Cw Aus 510 shelf mark mean?

On the ground floor of the Law Library is the "Secondary Collection" made up (predominately) of superseded editions. Many of these still have the old in-house shelf mark. You are very welcome to consult them should you wish to - there are both stairs and a lift between floors. There are desks on the ground floor too - but if you would rather bring  "sec coll" materials up to another floor please feel free to do so. When it is time to leave the library, please do not worry about reshelving items. We would be grateful if you would put the volumes on the nearest book trolley, whichever floor you have been reading them.

Ebooks for Australian legal studies

An "ordinary" search in SOLO will find you many relevant ebooks, such as the title below. However it is recommended that you check for yourself what LexisLibrary has among its International Sources 

Comparative Approaches

Comparative studies can usefully extend your research. Below are a couple of examples which include Australia.
Note: Results in SOLO may direct you to different sections of the Library. Pay attention as to whether the Call number/ Shelf Mark begins with General,  Cw Gen or KB - then please feel able to ask a member of staff for directions! These collections are on Level 2, but not side by side.