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Commercial Arbitration: Sport

Subjects: Law, Law - Arbitration

CAS awards in print

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Arbitration in Sport: ICAS & CAS

CAS, in full the Court of Arbitration for Sport (or Tribunal Arbitral du Sport (TAS)) came into existence in 1983, & became operational on 30 June 1984 when its statutes came into force.

In 1994, CAS became independent of the International Olympic Committee with the establishment of the International Council of Arbitration for Sport (ICAS) which took on the role of the governing body for the court.

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Court of Arbitration for Sport
Sports -- Law and legislation
Athletes -- Legal status, laws, etc

Sports law

A multi-facetted subject taking in a wide range of foci not just commercial aspects, from anti-doping to taxation, via employment law, human rights, hooliganism and racism among others.

National sports law will be shelved among the collections for the relevant jurisdiction. (Within the English law collection the pertinent section is KN186.6.)

International sports law was not an area of study when the Law Bod was born! Consequently international sport law texts usually have a shelf mark starting General.