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Commercial Arbitration: Commercial Arbitration & FDI

Subjects: Law, Law - Arbitration

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Holders of an Oxford Single Sign On have online access to the following eresources:

Resources on the free web

Print collection in the Law Bod.

Chapters on the resolution of commercial disputes will often be included in general works on commercial law. Use  a subject search Commercial law +  the name of the jurisdiction that you are interested in.

You can browse works on English commercial law at the shelfmark KN250 on Level 2.

Monographs on international commercial arbitration are in other parts of the LawBod, in particular

  • General 510 - comparative & surveys - Level 2
  • Internat 590 & 710 - works with an international dimension - Level 3
  • Private Int 510 - works with a conflict of laws dimension - Level 2

Please ask a member of staff for directions when you visit the Law Bod.

Below are some examples of titles on open shelf on Level 3

Initial subject search terms to try in SOLO

International commercial arbitration

Arbitration agreements, Commercial

Arbitration and award +/- name of jurisdiction  eg Arbitration and award England

Arbitration (International law)

Arbitration and award, International

Arbitration agreements, Commercial

Conflict of laws - Arbitration and award

Dispute resolution law

The books below are examples of titles available both in print and online ( for holders of an Oxford SSO)