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Africa: sub-Saharan jurisdictions: Indigenous Peoples

Subjects: Law - Foreign Law

Primary sources & official policy

Also check national constitutions for specific protection the rights of indigenous peoples

Case law

Indigenous peoples of Africa

An excellent starting point for information on the indigenous peoples of Africa is the Indigenous Peoples of Africa Co-ordinating Committee's website. It gives an explanation of the past and present position of indigenous peoples in Africa with regard to government representation and human rights. The website identifies the vast numbers of different groups of indigenous peoples across six regions in Africa (Central Africa, East Africa, North Africa, Sahel Horn of Africa, Southern Africa and West Africa), and highlights their connection with the land and environment in which they live. The International Work Group for Indigneous Affairs is also a useful starting point, with lots of information.

Other electronic resources

Journals and articles

Journals and periodicals with relevant articles to indigenous peoples of Africa can be found in the International collection at Internat 300, and those specific to South Africa can be found at S Africa 300. Useful journals include:

African Journal of International and Comparative Law: shelfmark Internat 300 A40

African Yearbook of International Law: shelfmark Internat 300 A45

International Journal on Minority and Group Rights: shelfmark General 300 I124.6 (see vol. 14 (2007))

South African Journal on Human Rights: shelfmark S Africa 300 S20

These titles are also available online and can be linked to through SOLO. See the links below.

Texts on topic

SOLO searches will probably reveal that other parts of the Bodleian - such as the

Bodleian Social Science Library
Bodleian Social and Cultural Anthropology Library
and the Bodleian Closed Stacks

have useful texts on the topic topic too!

Don't be too specific with your geographic element in the subject searches - try Africa, Southern & Africa to find relevant chapters

Indigenous peoples -- Legal status, laws, etc. -- [geographic unit]
Indigenous peoples -- Civil rights -- [geographic unit]
Indigenous peoples -- Land tenure -- [geographic unit]

Please ask a member of staff for directions as books are likely to be in at least 3 different sections of the LawBod with shelf marks beginning eg S. Africa, Internat and/or General.