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Long Eighteenth Century in the John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera: Home

A guide to accessing ephemera and prints from the Long Eighteenth Century in the John Johnson Collection, with a particular focus on historians and students of English Literature


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John Bull and Napoleon

(c) French Wars and Revolutions folder 6 (26)


The John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera is a treasure trove for those interested in British history from 1700-1815.  However, material can be difficult to find.

The aim of this guide is to explain what can and what cannot be found online and how best to enjoy the resources of the Collection. It is not intended that this Guide should replace the John Johnson Collection website, where all general and user information can be found.



key web sites

John Johnson Collection website:

The John Johnson Collection: an archive of printed ephemera (ProQuest). NB you must access this through a subscribing service, e.g. SSO:

Visual Arts Data Service (VADS):

JJ Coll LibGuides landing page (with links to guides):


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