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20th Century International History Archives at Oxford University: Home


Welcome to the gateway to archival sources in Oxford University on 20th-century international history and politics.

The collections are listed by title (A to Z), by subject, by region and by timespan. For each collection a link will take you to an online catalogue (where that exists), otherwise to an online collection-level description (such as the Archives Hub), or describes where further information (such as a hardcopy catalogue) is available.

This gateway is the result of a pilot project which ran from October 2007 to October 2008 and not all the University's collections are yet included. Please contact the relevant library/reading room about particular collections and access procedures. The participating libraries/reading rooms can be found in the Contact List.

The creation of this gateway was generously supported by a grant from the Fell Fund to the Oxford International History Research Network in the Department of Politics and International Relations, and matching funding was provided by the Bodleian Library.

The project was led by archivist, Lucy McCann, and the project research associate was Rasmus Pedersen. The gateway is hosted by the Bodleian Library. Comments on this gateway are welcome. Please contact:

Further information on manuscripts and archive collections in the Bodleian Library can be found on the Special Collections pages

Contact List