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History collections on open-shelves in the Old Bodleian, Radcliffe Camera and Weston Library: Overview & Contact


This guide is intended for students and researchers at the University of Oxford seeking support in British and West European, although others, esp. visiting readers to the Bodleian Old Library, may find it useful.

Use this guide to find out about key course and reference collections for British and West European history which are available on the open-shelves in the Bodleian's Old Library, Radcliffe Camera and Weston Library. Where known, electronic alternatives have been added. The guide is also useful to help understand the classification schemes.

What is where on the open-shelves in the Old Bodleian Library, Radcliffe Camera and Weston Library

Printed primary source material (British & Western European)


Local English history, printed primary sources & historical biography


Reference works, printed sources, African, Indian and Oriental collections 



Monographs (confined)

Monographs (borrowable)

Find open-shelf collections by topic

African open-shelf collections (monographs & sources) Weston Library
Archives, catalogues of Weston Library
Biography, historical Duke Humfrey's Library
Book history

Weston Library

Calendars & Rolls

Upper Reading Room, esp. K.5

Clergy & religious houses, dictionaries of

Weston Library

Commonwealth open-shelf collections (monographs & sources)

Weston Library

Ecclesiastical & church history sources 

Upper Reading Room, K.6; Duke Humfreys Library, R.2


Weston Library

Hansard (House of Parliament Debates)

Search SOLO or use online version in House of Commons Parliamentary Papers (1803-2005) or Hansard (House of Parliament Debate) 1988 to present


Weston Library

Historical Manuscripts Commission (HMR) Reports

Upper Reading Room, K.3


Weston Library

Indian Institute open-shelf collections

Weston Library

Local history   

Duke Humpfrey's Library, esp. R.Top.; History Faculty Library (lending)

Manuscripts, catalogues of Weston Library
Modern political history (selections of monographs) Weston Library
Oriental open-shelf collections (monographs & sources) Weston Library
Oxford University Duke Humfrey's Library
Palaeography    Weston Library
Peerage Weston Library
Printers & printing Weston Library
Sources, medieval

Upper Reading Room; Duke Humfrey's Library, esp. R.1 & R.2

Sources, early modern Upper Reading Room
Sources, modern Upper Reading Room
Sources, European Upper Reading Room
Victoria County Histories (VCH)  

Duke Humfrey's Library; History Faculty Library (lending)