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Hertford College Library: Study spaces

Ground floor in 2022-23

This space has sectioned desks that can be studied at alone.  There are 6 spaces in the ground floor reading room.  All chairs are adjustable and can be moved.  There are two height adjustable desks with adjustable desk lamps.  There are no windows in this room.

The click & collect and self-issue machine to borrow books are both currently located in this area.  

Facilities: Power sockets, wifi, individual desk lamps, wall clock.

The entrance to the Library has a fob operated electric door followed by a ramp into the ground floor.  There is another button operated electric door to access the main reading room area.

The ground floor also has a printer/copier/scanner and the library staff office.  


Ground floor reading room


The Library is bigger than you think! Over the years the Library has grown to include a large basement area.  There are multiple quiet study spaces with natural light and wifi.

A straight flight of 12 steps with handrails on both sides leads down to the basement. 

Computer Room: 2 large screen PCs at a fixed desk with high backed adjustable chairs.

Seiffert Room: 2 individual height adjustable desks with high backed adjustable chairs, power sockets and lamps.

Rosemary Littlehales Room: silent study area 4 fixed desks with adjustable chairs, power sockets, desk lamps and clock.

Susan Griffin Room: 1 small fixed desk with adjustable chair.


Upstairs reading room

The largest study space in the Library is the upstairs reading room.  There are 30 study spaces, plus an extra chair for the cat.  

There are sockets and ethernet points at each desk and a mixture of adjustable chairs.

The new books and journals display is also here for readers to browse.

A curved flight of 15 steps with a handrail on the right as you climb leads from the ground floor to the upstairs reading room.

Students studying in upstairs reading room

Library rules

The Library’s study spaces are open 24/7 to Hertford members only and are often in high demand. As a community we keep this a comfortable working space by:

  • Keeping phones on silent and taking calls outside the building
  • Keeping conversation to a minimum (that’s right – shhhhhhh!)
  • Using keep cups or water bottles for drinks and not bringing food into the Library.
  • Leaving a yellow slip on study desks if taking a short break or removing belongings from desks if leaving the Library for longer. Desks will be cleared by library staff regularly.

Please also help to keep everyone safe in the Library by wearing a face covering (unless exempt) and being considerate of other people's space. 

Image gallery

Student at ground floor desk

Ground floor reading room

Student with notes in ground floor reading room

Ground floor reading room

Simpkins in Library

Simpkin surveying the ground floor reading room

Adjustable desk and chair in basement

Height adjustable desk in the basement

View through basement window of Old Bodleian

View through basement window of Old Bodleian

Silent reading room with 5 study spaces

Silent study space in the basement

Upstairs reading room

Upstairs reading room

View from library window into quad

View from the upstairs reading room