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Hertford College Library: Library map

Information about using Hertford College Library for college members, prospective students and visitors.

Library floor plans

The Library has three floors and is located in the main Old Buildings Quad of Hertford College, next to the Chapel.

Online library tour

Classification scheme

The Library's classification scheme is unique!  Books are grouped by academic subject area and can be browsed on the shelves. 

Key subject areas

Shelfmark Subject Location
A Music Ground Floor 
AA Archaeology & Anthropology Ground Floor 
B 1-99 Philosophy Ground Floor 
B 100-200 Psychology Upstairs Reading Room
C Art Basement
D 10-12 Sociology Basement
D 13-14 Education Basement (in Stack, ask Librarian)
D 15-22 Politics & International Relations Basement
D 30-39 Economics Basement
D 40-49 Management & Accounting Ground Floor 
DE Health and Diseases Basement
E 5-25 Maths Upstairs Reading Room
E 27-28 General Science Upstairs Reading Room
E 30-60 Physics Upstairs Reading Room
E 100-109 Physiology and Pre-Clinical Medicine Upstairs Reading Room
E 110-145 Biology and Biochemistry Upstairs Reading Room
E 150-205 Clinical Medicine Upstairs Reading Room
F & G Greek and Latin Basement
H Spanish Upstairs Reading Room
J Ancient History Basement
L Law Ground Floor 
M English Language & Literature Ground Floor 
N 1-4 Linguistics Upstairs Reading Room
N 5-9 Comparative Literature Upstairs Reading Room
N 10-14 French Upstairs Reading Room
N 20-30 German Upstairs Reading Room
N 31-40 Italian Upstairs Reading Room
N 49-59 Slavonic Languages Basement
N 70-79 Portuguese Upstairs Reading Room
O British History Basement
P Non-British History Basement
Q Oriental Languages and Literature Basement
R Geography Basement
S Modern Greek Upstairs Reading Room
T Theology Basement
W Welsh Basement (in stack, ask Librarian)
WS Gender Studies Basement 
XE 40-43 Chemistry Upstairs Reading Room
XE 120-145 Engineering Ground Floor 
XE 128 Computer Science Ground Floor 
STUDY Study Skills and Wellbeing Ground Floor