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    This guide is designed to support the MBA 2019-2020 Hilary Term GOTO - Climate Action assignment.  

Further Reading

Suggested Databases and Searches

When searching databases who work in partnership with The University of Oxford, look out for and remember to use our dedicated links: 

Articles to Search for:

• "EU progress slows on climate targets"

• "Equinor makes larger play for renewables"

•  "Measuring real-time shifts in a volatile oil market"

•  The above article also links in the top right to the EIU's "Oil Adequacy Index", tracking weekly conditions in the global oil market.

EIU also features "Themes" within their industry sections that can be useful means of navigating.

• "Energy" > "Greening the Mix"

• "Automotive" > "Electric car recharge"

• "Automotive" > "Emission limits"

Passport features a section on "Sustainability" that can be found from their homepage via "Economies" in the top bar.

Articles to Search for:

• "Engaging with the Sustainable Development Goals: A Business Opportunity"

• "How To Become a Sustainable Brand"

• "Environmental Sustainability Index"

  The above article introduces Euromonitor's Environmental Sustainability Index.

Both ABI/INFORM Global and Business Source Complete give access to business and management journals and trade publications. Business Source Complete also includes the full-text of Harvard Business Review.

For both databases it is possible to set the type of resources being searched and the dates covered in the search, as well as set the order of search results as newest/oldest/"most relevant".

Recommended basic search terms:

• "Climate Action" works well in basic searches, but has a relatively low yield as a term has only recently entered the discourse since 2015. The term yields more results with ABI/INFORM Global.

• "Sustainability" and "Climate Change" have a longer history, but also operate as very broad search terms.

• "Sustainability Development Goals" is not a useful search term in basic search. If "Search Field" in Business Source Complete is set to "SU Subject Terms", the yield does increase slightly.

• "Natural Capital" and "Responsible Business" have a much higher yield with ABI/INFORM Global, and primarily fucntion as academic terms.

Useful Links

Glossery of Acronyms

  • CAT - Cap and Trade
  • COP - Conference of the Parties ("the parties" refers to the countries who are member-states of the UNFCCC)
  • CDM - Clean Development Mechanism
  • CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility
  • ESG - Environmental, Social, and Governance
  • GDP - Gross Domestic Product
  • GCF - Green Climate Fund
  • GHG - Green House Gases
  • GOTO - Global Opportunities and Threats, Oxford
  • ILO - International Labour Organisation
  • IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
  • IPSF - International Platform for Sustainable Finance
  • IRENA - International Renewable Energy Agency
  • LULUCF - Land-use, land-use change, and forestry
  • NCC - Natural Capital Committee
  • NDC - Nationally Determined Contributions
  • PPPs - Public-Private Partnerships
  • SEEA - System of Environmental Economic Accounting
  • SIF - Sustainable Innovation Forum
  • SDG - Sustainable Development Goals
  • UNCTAD - United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
  • UNEP - United Nation Environmental Programme 
  • UNFCCC - United Nations Framework Convention of Climate Change

Climate Action in 2019 and 2020

The Sustainable Development Goals comprise the United Nations agenda for a better world until 2030, with targets reaching into 2050 and beyond.

SDG #13 is "Climate Action" - "Take urgent action to combat climate change and it's impacts". Throughout 2019 this SDG has gained a significant and increasing share of the UN's focus. The message to member-states has changed from finding solutions to rapid implementation.

 GOTO will also make "Climate Action" it's focus in 2020.

This section of the libguide provides introductory background and a timeline of the current political and economic situation around this SDG.

Specific topics are expanded on further down the page, while links to useful resources can be found in the left column. Current updates from the UNFCCC can be found in the right column.

Graph showing the ambition mechanism for the Paris agreement showing Secretary General's Climate Summit in 2019, leading to Net-zero emissions and climate resilience in 2050

@ Saïd Business School

Corporate Purpose and Responsible Business

Natural Capital


The Renewable Energy Transition

UNFCCC Twitter Timeline

Created by

Tom Vickers. Graduate Trainee at the Sainsbury Library, 2019 - 2020.