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German Language and Literature: Journals/periodicals

Finding journals

All journals held by the library are catalogued in SOLO.  The important thing to remember is to search for the journal title, not the individual article title.

You should check the catalogue record carefully to make sure we hold the issue that contains the article you are interested in.

Screen shot showing journal availability

Print journals

Print journals are available to read in the library only, although single articles can be photocopied or scanned.

There are three main locations in the library where journals are kept:

  • B.Per.  This stands for Basement Periodicals.  The journals are kept in the rolling stacks in the Basement.
  • M.R.R. This stands for Main Reading Room.
  • P.R.R.  This stands for Periodicals Reading Room, now the Italian, Portuguese and Spanish Reading Room.

As with books, some print journals are kept in the closed stacks.  They should be requested using the "Hold" option in SOLO.  Make sure you give as much information as you can, to ensure that the correct issue is delivered to the reading room.

Electronic journals

Electronic journals are listed in SOLO, just like the print versions. A link will take you to the ejournal provider.  You will need to navigate to the article you need, which you can then read online or download.  Please be very careful to only download or print one article from each journal issue, as normal copyright rules apply.  Ejournal providers penalise the University if these rules are infringed, and persistent offenders can be idenitified!

You can also browse the ejournals subscribed to by the University using the ejournals tab in SOLO.  Ejournals relevant to German include:

Forum for Modern Language Studies

German quarterly

German studies review


Finding articles via bibliographic databases

Bibliographic databases contain information about the individual articles within journals.  They usually have abstracts, subject keywords and citations, as well as author/title information.  They are a powerful tool for discovering relevant articles. They link out to the full text (only available if we subscribe to the journal in question). The following bibliographic databases have material relevant to German language and literature.  Most of the articles indexed in these databases will be in English and other European languages.

Open Access journals

An increasing number of Open Access journals are being published.  These are free at the point of use.  Examples include:

New German review

They may not all be listed on SOLO, but they should be listed in the appropriate bibliographic databases.  More information about Open Access publishing is available on the "For researchers" tab.


We subscribe to a number of German newspapers and magazines, available in the Teaching Collection library.

Please note that the Süddeutsche Zeitung is no longer available outside the London area. We do regret that we cannot provide this popular newspaper.

For further information about accessing German newspapers, please visit the Newspapers LibGuide.