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Electronic Legal Deposit: Viewing software for eLD publications

for readers and reading room staff


calibre is the viewing software used when the file format of the digital item being consulted is ePub (electronic publication, used almost exclusively for monographs).  
Sumatra PDF is used for PDF files (so almost all articles and some monographs).  calibre and Sumatra are pre-installed on all Bodleian Libraries computers.  

For instructions on how to print please see the 'Print/Print&Deliver' tab

Please remember that scanning, downloading, image capture or photography is NOT permitted under the current legislation. 


 calibre is the viewing software used when the file format of the digital item being consulted is epub. 

When you open an e book you will be presented with the menu on the left to help you navigate and use the e publication. 

Citing and navigating

E-books, unlike paper books, have no concept of pages. Instead, as you read through the book, you will notice that your position in the book is displayed in the upper left corner in a box like this navposi.  This is both your current position and the total length of the book. These numbers are independent of the screen size and font size you are viewing the book at, and they play a similar role to page numbers in paper books. You can enter any number you like to go to the corresponding location in the book. If you hover your pointer over the box it will tell at what percent you are in the text, ie 'position in book 8%'.

calibre also has a reference mode. You can turn it on by clicking the Reference mode button refmi. Once you do this, every time you move your mouse over a paragraph, calibre will display a unique number made up of the section and paragraph numbers.  You can use this number to unambiguously refer to parts of the books when referring to it in other works. You can enter these numbers in the box marked 'Go to' at the top of the window to go to a particular reference location. As shown below:


Searching within an e publication

Please note that any bookmarks or changes to how the text is viewed will not be saved from session to session. 


Sumatra is the software used to view PDF files.