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The Sackler Library is the premier research library for Egyptology at the University of Oxford. It incorporates the libraries previously housed in the Griffith Institute and the Ashmolean Museum.
Subjects: Egyptology

Purpose of this guide

This guide is intended for students and researchers studying Egyptology at the University of Oxford, although students and researchers from any field may find it useful.

Use this guide to find out about books and electronic resources for Egyptology, including ebooks, ejournals and databases. 

Collection Overview

The Sackler Library is the premier research library for Egyptology at the University of Oxford. An additional resource especially for rare and manuscript material for this subject is the Bodleian Library. Anyone studying or researching Egyptology in Oxford should expect to make use of both libraries.


Libraries & Reading Rooms: Principal collections

The Sackler Library is home to the main research collections for Egyptology as well as Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Classics and Ancient History, Papyrology, Numismatics, Archaeology, Eastern Art and Western Art. This unique combination of subjects in one building respects their overlaps to the effect that all aspects and periods of Egyptology, inc Coptology and Sudanology, are fully covered to and excluding the coming of Islam.

The majority of books relevant to the study of Egyptology in the Sackler Library are on open shelves on the first floor of the Sackler Library. Many of the books and periodicals in the collection may be borrowed, although major reference works and rare material are confined to the library.


The Bodleian Library has, by virtue of its copyright library status, accumulated a comprehensive collection of books in the field of British Egyptology as well as of works on travel in Egypt, especially before the 20th century. Additionally the Bodleian Library holds some archival material, most importantly the Papers of Sir John Gardner Wilkinson. The great majority of this material is not on open access.

Libraries & Reading Rooms: Associated collections

Apart from the two major research libraries Queen's College houses the Peet Library which comprises c. 3,400 books on Egyptology. The collection of books was donated by Sir Alan H. Gardiner to honour the memory of the Egyptologist Thomas Eric Peet and ever since it has been maintained by the Professor of Egyptology. It is open to all students of Egyptology in the University and anyone else who can prove that access to the collection will be beneficial to their studies. Registration is essential. 

The Griffith Archive, named after its founder Francis Llewellyn Griffith, the first Professor of Egyptology at Oxford, is accommodated on the premises of the Sackler Library. It is the largest archive of unpublished Egyptological material in the world, including manuscripts, photographs, slides, drawings, sketches, watercolours, correspondence, notebooks and dig diaries, indexes, plans of Egyptian monuments. The collection can be consulted by appointment.

Related Oxford University Institutions

Ashmolean Museum - The Ashmolean’s collections from ancient Egypt and Sudan are among the most extensive in Britain, with approximately 50,000 objects representing every period of human occupation in the Nile Valley from prehistory to the 7th century AD.

Griffith Institute - The Griffith Institute provides vital resources for the study of the history and culture of ancient Egypt and the Near East, which may be accessed directly, or online.

Oriental Institute - The OI is home to the University's Faculty of Oriental Studies.

Pitt Rivers Museum - Founded in 1884 the Pitt Rivers Museum houses the archaeological and anthropological collections of the University of Oxford. The collection includes objects from Egypt and the Sudan.

Key Resources

Apart from the Bodleian Libraries' collections and resources the following online resources can be useful for your studies:

Library Hub Discover - Jisc Library Hub Discover exposes rare and unique research material by bringing together the catalogues of  major UK and Irish libraries. In a single search you can discover the holdings of the UK’s National Libraries (including the British Library), many university libraries, and specialist research libraries. 

Propylaeum DOK -  Propylaeum DOK is the full-text server of the Specialized Information Service Classics and is made available by the University Library of Heidelberg. It includes publications on Egyptology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies.

WorldCat - Massive union catalogue of countless libraries worldwide. Useful for locating books and archival materials beyond Oxford.