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Education: research guide: Managing your references

Referencing in the Department of Education

It is important when referencing within your academic work to:

  • be consistent, use the same style throughout
  • be clear if you are using or referring to someone else's idea, theory or words, i.e. 'intellectual property'
  • ensure you have included enough information to enable you readers to track down what you have read

There are a number of referencing styles. Academic writing in the field of Education tends to use an author-date style such as Harvard or APA. There are many versions of Harvard which all vary slightly in terms of layout and punctuation.

If you are unsure how APA or author-date citations should look, take a look at our guide below.

What is reference management software?

Our Bodleian iSkills workshop Referencing: choosing and using software introduces the main features of reference management tools and considers the issues to think about when choosing software. View the introductory presentation from the workshop below and book a place at our next workshop to try out four different software tools for yourself.

Please note, the video explains that the software EndNote needs to be purchased for use on personal computers. As of August 2019, EndNote can be downloaded and installed for free use on personal computers through the University's subscription (Single Sign On required):

Link to video tutorial on choosing and using reference management software

Prefer text?  The information in the video is summarized in the text boxes below.