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Education: research guide: Articles

Literature searching workshop - videos

You may have attended a library workshop on searching databases for journal articles - don't worry if you've now forgotten everything you learned!

Take a look at our videos which cover the class's contents to refresh your memory.

Already know which article you want?

If you already have the reference for an article, search for the title and one or two of the author surnames in SOLO.

This is useful to check a partial reference, or find an article you know exists.

If the article you want does not appear email us for help.

Explore other disciplines

Databases A-Z

Other databases may be useful for your research. Use the 'All subjects' menu to see listings of relevant databases beyond education.

For example: Interested in ethnography? explore Anthropology; Interested in child development? explore Psychology; Teaching geography? explore Geography etc.

Ovid search tips

Some databases e.g. PsycINFO are provided by Ovid. Ovid is a very sophisticated search interface, which can make it rather daunting to use.

Use the Advanced Search or the Multi-Field Search if you want to use combination words like AND, OR, or truncation (*). The Basic Search is just for natural-langage queries, like "What is the effect of low thyroid function on heart failure" and will ignore the syntax of your search.

It helps to split your search into smaller searches in the Multi-Field Search and then combine them afterwards - this is also useful for highlighting where the problem search terms might be. 

Note that if you search for more than one word Ovid defaults to exact phrase searching between any operators, e.g. OR, ADJ# so you do not need to use "double quotation marks".

Browse online journals

Applied Linguistics

Key databases for finding articles on your topic (education)

Key databases for finding articles on your topic (languages / linguistics)

Broader databases for finding literature on your topic

Databases which offer citation tracking

Searching Chinese journals for articles in English

National Social Sciences Database

The Bodleian Libraries has institutional access to the Chinese Academy of Social Science (CASS) National Social Sciences Database . The University of Oxford readers can access the database without having to register for individual accounts. The CASS database includes over 2000 titles of core academic journals in social science (and humanities) published in China, including the entire volumes of journals such as文物 Wen wu), 考古 (Kao gu), and 历史研究 (Historical Research).


Chinese Journals with articles in English

The main sources of Chinese journals with relevant articles in English are:

China Academic Journals Full-text Database

Using the tickboxes and pluses on the left-hand side, you can select just Education & Social Sciences journals to search, or select just a particular level of education, e.g. secondary.

There is no explicit way to restrict searches to English-language articles, but using the Basic Search and unticking the 'Cross-Language Search' box does quite well. Use the plus to add more search criteria.

All results should be available to download as PDFs directly from this database.

Airiti Library

This is a collection of over 700 Taiwan journals. The advanced search does not behave well when searching in English, so it is better to use the 'more options' drop down in the simple search bar, and when you have the results, you can filter them by language using the left-hand options.

Note: Although this database also includes ebooks and theses, our subscription is just for journal articles - you may be able to find other kinds of results using SOLO or other databases, for example the Chinese Doctoral Dissertations Full-text Database, or the National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations in Taiwan.

Hong Kong Journals Online

This is a small collection of Hong Kong journals in Chinese and English, including Education Journal and Journal of Basic EducationThere is only a very basic search, but all results should be available to download as PDFs directly from this database.

If you are looking for sources of information other than journal articles, or statistical data, it is worth looking at the Chinese Studies LibGuide, emailing a Chinese subject librarian ( or, or trying other databases from Databases A-Z.

Research methods

Finding conference papers and proceedings

  • Education databases, such as ERIC and the British Education Index, also include some conference papers.

  • Web of Science includes conference proceedings for social sciences & humanities from 1990 to present

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search