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ebooks: Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates


This tab is for updates to ebook provision as the libraries deal with with impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Bodleian Libraries are exploring ways to support remote and online teaching using ebooks.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, all offers of access are available only to current University of Oxford members (those with an Oxford Single Sign On), and not to Bodleian Reader Card holders or members of the public. Members of other Universities should contact their own university libraries regarding access to online resources.

ProQuest Ebook Central are allowing unlimited access to all owned ebooks from the following publishers until mid-June. These ebooks appear on SOLO.

Cambridge University Press has made higher education textbooks free to access online. All 700 textbooks published and currently available in HTML format on Cambridge Core can now be accessed free until the end of May. (

Cambridge University Press has also given free access to its Cambridge Elements series: original, concise, authoritative, and peer-reviewed scholarly and scientific research, organised into focused series edited by leading scholars, and provide comprehensive coverage of the key topics in disciplines spanning the arts and sciences. Accessible via SOLO and 

Bodleian Libraries have completed the purchase of a number of ebook collections from Bloomsbury, in Classical Studies, History, Law, Linguistics, Middle Eastern Studies, Philosophy, Politics & International Relations, Theology, Medieval Studies, and Drama Online. Individual titles appear in SOLO.

Bloomsbury have also made other ebook collections freely available:

Project Muse is making content by selected publishers freely available until May/June (depending on publisher). These titles may not appear on SOLO - please use to search.

These resources are accessible to anyone, including those without an Oxford Single Sign On.

However, those with an Oxford Single Sign On are able to access additional paid-for content on Project Muse by using this link instead:

Askews & Holts: For participating publishers all owned ebooks will transfer to unlimited access until the end of June. The transfer will take place automatically over the next few days (as of 23/3/20).
During the same period, until the end of June, participating publishers are also offering unlimited access for all new purchases. Check SOLO for ebooks we have access to.

EBSCO is partnering with publishers to waive simultaneous user limits wherever possible, ensuring unlimited access to ebooks by:
1) Upgrading existing EBSCO ebooks to unlimited access until June 30 for a growing list of publishers. This upgrade went live on Monday, March 16.
2) Discounting unlimited access prices for new ebook purchases - this means unlimited access ebook licences are now being priced at 1-user prices.

Oxford University Press has set up free access to the Law and Politics Troves (collections of etextbooks) until 31 May. These are accessible via the VPN at and   

To set up the VPN, follow instructions here

If you have questions or difficult using Law Trove, contact the Bodleian Law Library at 

JSTOR has made all their archival journal collections and a selection of ebooks temporarily available to the University of Oxford.

Wolters Kluwer has given access to Lippincott content, including textbooks and multimedia assets in medical, pharmacy and other health sciences subject areas via LWW Health Library.

Wolters Kluwer has given free access to GIDEON (Global Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology Online Network): the world’s premier Global Infectious Disease knowledge management tool. The web app is easy-to-use, interactive and comprehensive – and helps you overcome information overload while saving time through quick access to a vast knowledge database. GIDEON is used for Diagnosis Support and Informatics in the fields of Tropical and Infectious diseases, Epidemiology, Microbiology and Antimicrobial Chemotherapy.

Gale has given free access to a wide range of primary sources.

With the exception of State Papers Online, all of these collections can be accessed through the Gale Primary Sources platform: 

These same titles (excluding State Papers) will be accessible through the Gale Digital Scholar Lab for digital humanities research:

All of the State Papers Online collections are accessible through the following link:

We now have access to Music Online: Classical Scores Library until 19th June 2020.

Music Online: Classical Scores Library is a large collection of printable in-copyright music scores, containing over 53,000 titles by more than 4,600 composers.

British Online Archives, available until 31st May: A resource providing access to over 3 million records drawn from both private and public archives. There are over 80 collections with thematically organised records covering 1,000 years of world history, from politics and warfare to slavery and medicine. Includes: Paris Peace Conference, Prosecuting the Holocaust, Colonial Law in Africa, British Labour Party Papers 1906-1994, Liverpool and Bristol shipping records, West Indies slavery and slave trade records, Missionary archives.

Textbooks on ScienceDirect: Elsevier has granted access to 256 textbooks.

Dawsonera are allowing unlimited access to any ebooks on their platform which we have purchased from a growing number of publishers, including Bloomsbury, Edward Elgar, Elsevier, Hodder Education, Kogan Page, OUP, Sage, Springer, and Taylor and Francis.

ProQuest have given access to their Early European Books Collections - more information is available here.

Springer have made approximately 500 textbooks available as ebooks on their website. These titles are available via SOLO. More information about Springer's initiative is available at  

These resources are accessible to anyone, including those without an Oxford Single Sign On.

Duke University Press has given access to e-Duke Books and some e-Duke Journals, as well as some content from Project EUCLID.

e-Duke Books provides access to over 2,700 e-books in humanities and social sciences. The collection includes term access to all available backlist titles as well as new e-books published by Duke University Press.

e-Duke Journals provides online access to journals in the humanities and social sciences. The collection includes flagship publications, such as Hispanic American Historical Review and GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies. It also includes important new scholarship in cutting-edge fields, such as TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly, Public Culture, and the Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies.

Project Euclid's mission is to provide online hosting and publishing services for theoretical and applied mathematics and statistics scholarship worldwide

EBSCO have granted access to their Harvard Business Review E-Book Subscription Collection. Information is available here: 

To search, go to,uid&profile=ehost scroll to the bottom of the list of databases, then tick the box next to eBook Subscription Harvard Business Publishing Collection Trial and click Continue.

Edward Elgar have made ebooks available where the Bodleian Libraries hold print copies. These are available via

The Literary Encyclopedia is offering free access to higher education institutions, available from

The Literary Encyclopedia is a dynamic, online world-literature resources, providing useful introductions to authors, texts and contexts. It has in-depth coverage of the literatures of the English-speaking world and excellent coverage of the Classics, French, German, Russian, Italian, Hispanic and other world literatures.

The University of Chicago Press has given access to a number of online journals: Afterall; American Art; Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research; Journal of Cuneiform Studies; Journal of Law & Economics; Journal of Legal Studies; Res: Anthropology and aesthetics; Winterthur Portfolio. These are now available via SOLO.

Droz has enabled a 1-month trial (until 18 May 2020) of three ebook collections:

  1. Humanisme et Renaissance. The Droz Humanisme et Renaissance collection offers a collection of sources and studies on Humanism (Politien, Ficin, Erasmus, Budé…), the French Reformation (Lefèvre d’Etaples, Calvin, Farel, Beza…) and the Renaissance (literary and artistic, Hieronymus Bosch or Rabelais, Ronsard or Primaticcio), as well as the medicine, science, philosophy, book history, and all forms of knowledge and human activity from the long sixteenth century, roughly from 1450 to the death of Henry IV in 1610, the threshold of the classical age. Accessible via
  2. Textes Littéraires Français. This collection is dedicated to the critical edition of significant texts from the French literary heritage from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. Accessible via
  3. Calvin. This portal presents all the texts by or about John Calvin which have been published by the Librairie Droz from 1960 to 2012, with an initial focus on Geneva, Calvin, and the beginnings of the French evangelical movement with Lefèvre d’Etaples and Marguerite de Navarre. Accessible via

EDP Sciences has made all 2018-2020 ejournal content which they publish freely available online via!s=current&l=en

Note that not all content on their site is published by them so some titles may remain unavailable.

More information is available at

These resources are accessible to anyone, including those without an Oxford Single Sign On.

SAGE has given University of Oxford members access to some cross-disciplinary social science resources for 90 days (until mid-July):

ProQuest has given access to a selection of collections of historical newspapers:

  • Chicago Tribune
  • Los Angeles Times
  • San Francisco Chronicle
  • The Arizona Republican
  • The Austin American Statesman
  • The Christian Science Monitor
  • The Nashville Tennessean
  • U.S. West Collection

These are available via SOLO.

Gale have made freely available various resources to support libraries and educators impacted by COVID-19. More information is available via

You may be prompted to enter with a password. The password for all is "open".

These resources are accessible to anyone, including those without an Oxford Single Sign On.

MIPP International has granted access until 1st June 2020 to three resources:

Past Masters has made 25 additional collections freely available until the end of June. All are available via

  • Benjamin: Gesamtwerk
  • Edgeworth: Works
  • Montesquieu: Œuvres Complètes
  • Smith, Charlotte: Works
  • Weil: Oeuvres
  • Women Writing Home
  • Bello: Obras Completas
  • Dilthey: Gesammelte Werke und Briefe
  • Early Franciscans
  • Franciscan Medieval Philosophy
  • Friars Minor Rules Commentaries
  • Goethes Werke
  • Nietzsche: Briefwechsel
  • Olivi: Works
  • Oxford Duden German Dictionary
  • Peirce: Collected Papers
  • Pickering & Chatto Women's Studies I
  • Scheler: Gesamtwerk
  • Chawton House Memoirs
  • Chawton House Travel Writings
  • Martineau: British Empire
  • Martineau: British History
  • Wodeham: Lectura Secunda
  • Grimm: Briefwechsel
  • Schiller: Sämtliche Werke

The National Archives is giving free temporary and limited access Digital Downloads

The National Archives (TNA) is the official archive of the UK Government and for England and Wales, collecting documents dating back over 1,000 years. TNA is now providing temporary and limited access to their digitised collections. It is strong in military and naval history (e.g. service records, war diaries), wills from 1384-1858, and migration history (e.g. alien's registration cards 1918-1957). It also includes 20th century Cabinet Papers and Security Service files as well as Domesday Book. Registered users will be able to order and download up to 10 items at a time at no cost, to a maximum of 50 items over 30 days.

These resources are accessible to anyone, including those without an Oxford Single Sign On.


Various e-textbook platforms have made their content available to University members.

BibliU: - choose Log In and select University of Oxford, then log in using your Single Sign On. These titles, including key chemistry and psychology primers, can be read online or downloaded via the BibliU app.

VitalSource: users need to register for a free account using their Oxford email address at They can then search the platform and borrow up to 7 books until 30th June 2020.

Guilford Press have made their ejournals available to access online via

These resources are accessible to anyone, including those without an Oxford Single Sign On.

JSTOR has made all its public health ejournals available to access online via

These resources are accessible to anyone, including those without an Oxford Single Sign On.

University of Michigan Press has made its ebooks on the Fulcrum platform available to read online via Some open access titles can also be downloaded.

These resources are accessible to anyone, including those without an Oxford Single Sign On.

East View ebook collection is available until 31 May 2020 via

This platform gives you access to the entire collection of e-books offered by East View. It gives you access to the East View Essential Classics Collection, the Dostoevsky Research series: Dostoevskii materialy i issledovaniia as well as East View’s Slavonic and Judaica collection. In addition it offers, reference works including encyclopedias and atlases as well as e-books from a wide range of different subject areas including linguistics, philosophy science, social science, history, business, economics. It also includes biographical works. Some of the e-books in the collection are in Russian and others are in English.

The Classiques Jaunes (The 'Yellow' Collection, Editions Jaunes) ebook collection is available until 31 May 2020 via

The Classiques Jaunes collection of Classiques Garnier includes 672 volumes of literary texts of all types and periods. Many of the texts are French but there are also some from other European literatures. The collection also contains offering texts which have been rigorously established by their editors. As a whole the collection constitutes a solid basic collection of French literature with texts ranging from the medieval period (Christine de Pisan, Chrétien de Troyes...), 16th century writers (Montaigne..) 17th century writers (Racine..), 18th century writers like (Graffigny, Voltaire, Rousseau, Diderot..) and on through the nineteenth century (Sand, Balzac, Flaubert, Baudelaire..) and into the twentieth ( Proust, Duhamel, Alain-Fournier...).

The French Theatre Library ebook collection from Classiques Garnier is now available until 31 May 2020 via

This e-book collection covers texts from all periods of the French theatrical tradition from the Middle Ages right up to the present. It aims to include works by major as well as by less well-known French playwrights and aims to present their complete works or at least a coherent selection. The texts have been added to high editorial standards benefitting from the latest scholarship with notes to make texts from earlier historical periods accessible to the modern reader.

Le Bon Usage (Grevisse) is available online until 18 May 2020.

Le Bon Usage is a descriptive French grammar first published in 1936 by Maurice Grevisse, and periodically revised since. It describes the usage of the French language, primarily in its written literary form.

This is the electronic version giving full and user-friendly access to the 16th edition with the possibility of carrying out searches and downloading search results. As there is no possibility of consulting the printed work at the Taylorian we are looking at the possibility of acquiring electronic access. The trial will last until 18th May, 2020. Please send feedback to Nick Hearn or to Johanneke Sytsema

Ebooks from Cambridge University Press. Over 21,000 ebooks in Humanities published by Cambridge University Press are available from 12 May 2020 to 8 June 2021 via their EBA (evidence-based acquisitions) programme. All books on the list, together with new publications as they come out during the year, are available online to University members via SOLO during this period. At the end of the period, we will make a selection of about 500 books based on appearance on reading lists and heavy use during the period. These selections will be added permanently to the ebook collection of the Bodleian Libraries.

Numérique Premium is the first French Humanities e-book collection. It contains about 1500 French-language Humanities e-books with the main focus on medieval and modern history but also including law, politics, history of French-speaking literature, philosophy, history of cinema etc all accessible in a user-friendly format (currently in a beta version). The trial will go on until 12th June 2020. Please send feedback to Nick Hearn (