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Purpose of this guide

This guide is intended for students and staff using or likely to use ebooks in the course of their studies and research.

Use this guide to find out about ebooks and related information at the University of Oxford.

What do we mean by ebook?

Ebook - green dot

Screenshot of an ebook in SOLO showing a green Online Access button

An ebook which the libraries have purchased, or which is freely available on the web. See the sections on Finding and Using ebooks for information on these.

Electronic Legal Deposit (eLD) - orange dot

Screenshot from SOLO of an electronic legal deposit item showing an orange access dot

The electronic equivalent of a 'library use only' print book - UK publishers donate us these texts because we are a Legal Deposit library. They can only be read on library computers (not your own laptop) from within one of the Bodleian Libraries. See the full eLD LibGuide for information on these items, including printing, and the tab on citing ebooks. The rest of this LibGuide does not apply to them.

Contact Us

If you are struggling with something, you can contact your subject librarian (see this list), or Hilla Wait, who is the Chair of the Ebooks Steering Group within the Bodleian Libraries.

Why use ebooks?

There are a number of benefits to using ebooks:

  • With remote access, ebooks are there when you need them; not just in library opening hours.
  • Full text searching helps save you time when looking for relevant sections, passages and quotes.
  • Multiple ebooks are easier to carry around when they are stored on your laptop, tablet, ereader, or phone.

What do I need to know?