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Digital theses and ORA: Copyright

Guidance notes

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Copyright and other legal issues for theses

Theses deposited in ORA should not infringe copyright or other rights. There are rights held in the thesis of which the author and end users should be aware. Thesis depositors should read the following information to familiarise themselves with ORA practice, policies and guidance.

Copyright is an automatic legal right and arises whenever an individual or company creates a work. Before we can make any third party copyright material (e.g. images, graphs - including those you adapted, large excerpts of text, etc., that have been used in your work from another individuals work or creation) freely available online you should obtain permission from the copyright holders to distribute their material in this way. Unfortunately we cannot assume that the permission you obtained to include material in your print thesis also covers making the material freely available online.

Many publisher websites have tools that allow you to obtain a license of reuse for material taken from published works, but an email from the copyright holder is also acceptable as proof of permission. If you are not able to obtain permission from the copyright holder(s), content from the dissemination copy of your thesis file should be removed (see creating an edited version of your thesis) and dispensation from consultation for the affected content should be applied for.  

Copyright in the thesis
Copyright in the thesis usually rests with the author (unless ownership of copyright has been transferred to another individual or body; if this is the case, please find out what your position is before depositing the thesis in ORA). See the University regulations and Research Services Office for details of copyright and intellectual property rights.

Copyright is automatically assigned to you as author of the thesis, you do not have to register. You may wish to indicate that you are the copyright holder by inserting the copyright symbol (©) the name of the copyright holder and the year the thesis was produced. See the UK Intellectual Property Office for more details.

Under the Bern convention stating copyright ownership is no longer required as Copyright is assumed to be given - though the copyright symbol acts as a reminder to users of copyright work and it is recommend stating in opening pages of thesis (i.e. Copyright (©) Smith 2015. All rights reserved.) 

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