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Digital theses and ORA: How to deposit

Deposit guidance

How the process works

  1. The depositor (the author) gives details about the thesis using an online form (available anywhere with Internet access)
  2. The digital file is uploaded – like adding an email attachment
  3. The depositor submits the details and the file(s) which then go to a holding area to be checked by a member of ORA staff. This member of staff will amend any errors and add additional details if necessary. At this point they may need to contact the depositor for clarification.
  4. The item will then be added to the main archive, either open or closed access depending on rights and permissions.

To deposit your thesis

  • Go to
  • Click on ‘Deposit’ then ‘Oxford Research Student - Thesis’
  • Enter your WebAuth username and password when prompted
  • You can resume or edit a previous partially complete submission at a later stage provided you have saved it and it is still in your work area and you haven’t clicked the final "Finish editing record" button
  • Read the deposit agreement and indicate if you agree or not. If you do not agree the deposit process will terminate here

Deposit steps:

  1. Upload the file(s)
  2. Describe your thesis (title, subject, keywords etc)
  3. Author and supervisor details
  4. Add information on any related publications
  5. Funding and Rights information
  6. Select embargo period, 3rd party copyright status and submit the item

Your submission will be checked before being forwarded to the main archive.

* Mandatory fields are marked * and shaded yellow

  • You may save your deposit at any stage and return to it later (see the ‘Actions’ buttons at the bottom of each page). You may save the partially completed deposit at any time before submitting the item in stage 5.
  • Please note if you choose to save a partially completed deposit that you should close your browser at this point in order to log out completely
  • ORA staff may add/edit data after form data has been submitted


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