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Submitting your thesis to ORA: Eligible degrees


This page lists the eligible groups and programmes of study for which ORA accepts thesis deposits.

Eligible groups

The following groups are eligible to deposit a digital copy of their thesis to ORA:

  • Current students on postgraduate research programmes or higher degree programmes at the University of Oxford
  • Oxford alumni who hold postgraduate Oxford degrees by research
  • Oxford staff and researchers holding an Oxford postgraduate or higher degree by research (including DipLATHE)

Members of Oxford staff who have been awarded the DipLATHE (Oxford Learning Institute) may deposit their portfolio in ORA (copyright permitting).

Research degrees

All theses written in fulfilment of University of Oxford postgraduate research degrees are eligible for deposit to ORA by alumni, staff, and current students who have been granted leave to supplicate. These include the following programmes:

Mandatory deposits for current students:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (D.Phil.)
  • Master of Letters (M.Litt.)
  • Master of Science by Research (M.Sc. by Research)

Non-mandatory deposits:

  • Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.)
  • Master of Studies (M.St.) in Legal Research/Socio-Legal Research
  • Doctor of Medicine (D.M.)
  • Doctor of Clinical Psychology (D.Clin.Psych)
  • Bachelor of Philosophy (B.Phil) (Philosophy)

Taught masters degrees

Some departments or faculties might choose to provide online access to all or a selection of successful taught masters dissertations produced by its students. Making your dissertation available in this way increases its visibility and makes Oxford research available for the benefit of society.

Taught masters dissertations are often submitted to ORA by a member of the department or faculty staff, and you should be provided with some advice by the department or faculty if this is the case.

Ineligible programmes

If your degree programme is not listed above, we are unable to accept your thesis into ORA. This includes post-graduate masters dissertations.

The Oxford eThesis collection is for awards granted by the University of Oxford. Authors who wish to deposit theses awarded as part of a degree at an institution other than Oxford may like to find out if that institution has a repository in which they can deposit their thesis.

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Advice for departments wishing to deposit Taught Master dissertations