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Digital theses and ORA: Edited/dissemination copy of your thesis

Creating an edited version of your thesis

Creating an edited version of your thesis

If you are unable to make the full version available online for reasons, such as (but not limited to):

  • Third-party copyright concerns
  • Confidential or sensitive content
  • Patent pending 
  • Sponsor requirement
  • Publication reasons

You may decide to make a separate edited version publicly available (as opposed to splitting the thesis into a number of files and embargoing the files containing copyrighted material). If this is the case you should save an additional copy of your thesis, remove the relevant material and insert a place holder at this point in the document, e.g.

"The [insert description here eg image/diagram/map/text] originally presented here cannot be made freely available via ORA because of [insert ‘copyright’ or other reason here]. The [image/diagram/map/text] was sourced at [insert details of where the item originated such as bibliographic reference, publication details, URL or other relevant details here]"

The redacted file should continue to match the pagination of the full version. Remember that you need to deposit both the full and the edited version of your thesis (using the same deposit form), and that these should be given different filenames. 

If a student needs to make changes to the content of the electronic copy of their thesis (e.g. removing third party copyrighted content or sensitive data) that will be made publically available then they are required to have this approved by their faculty by applying for dispensation from consultation

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