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Introduction to Digital Preservation: Further reading

Subjects: Digital Library

About this section

This Libguide is merely a starting point to learn the basics about digital preservation. There is so much more to learn. More importantly, there is putting theory into practice. This section has materials that have been made available through the Bodleian Staff Library and online library resources. More are being added as they are purchased by the library. The next section contains a variety of web resources for further reading, to look up tool to trial and resources to help put your skills to the test. The final section deals with further development resources, fromconferences to attend to professional qualifications and other development courses.

Digital preservation is an ever evolving field and so skills must be constantly evolving to meet the needs. Consequently, this is a field where continual learning is crucial and where collaboration is vital to being able to achieve long-term preservation of our digital objects. There are always people to learn from, organization to ask questions of and plenty of forums to do it. For various preservation systems from Archivematica to Preservica, there are various user groups to consult with. For many of the open source tools from JHOVE to AVP's Exactly transfer tool, there are user groups and web forums and there is always Twitter. Just ask a digital preservation on Twitter using one of the following hashtags #digitalpreservation #digipres #digpres and you will be sure to get a response from someone and plenty of retweets from others to amplify. 

And as always, if you have digital presevation questions, you can ask the team at Bodleian Library by sending an email to - we're here to help!


Image source: Digital Preservation Business Case Toolkit, CC-BY-NC 3.0