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Criminology: Books

Locating criminology books ....

... in the Social Science Library The collection is on one floor, the Ground Floor of the Manor Road Building. The book collection is arranged using Library of Congress 

... in the Bodleian Law Library. The Law Library's collection is spread over four floors.
On Level 2 (the entrance level) are the current/latest editions of criminal law and criminology books with shelf marks beginning KM500-KM700. These are books looking at the law and theory of the subject in the UK, Australia, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and USA.
On Level 3 are the current/latest editions of criminology books with shelf marks beginning Crim. There are both stairs and a lift to access this floor, which is one floor above the entrance level.
Staff are always availabel at the Enquiry Desk just inside the entrance to help with directions.

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