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Guide to current library services for students on short courses: Library services

Click & Collect and finding online resources

Library Services for Students on Short Courses


The Continuing Education Library is supporting Oxford University Department for Continuing Education's  programme of virtual classes 'Weekly Oxford Worldwide' (WOW). Our provision is primarily through digital reading material made available via your WOW course site. We have invited WOW tutors to request course readings and, where possible, we have provided these readings as digital scans of book chapters on your course site. If you have any questions about this provision, please contact us, and we will be happy to help.

WOW students who live locally to Oxford may wish to access our library’s physical collections. At present , in line with University and Bodleian Libraries policy, and following advice from the UK Government, we are not able to permit 'walk-in' access to the library. However, we are continuing to offer a ‘Click & Collect’ service,  For more information, please see below.

Of course, the majority of WOW students will not be able to visit Oxford. However,  in addition to material provided through your course site, you can access a wide range of digital learning resources via ‘SOLO’ the University’s online library catalogue. For help and information please see our page on this guide under the tab labelled 'Finding library resources online'

Click & Collect

How does it work?

Please note, in order to use our Click & Collect service you must first have membership of the library.  If you have not used the library before and are enrolled on a current WOW or other current short course* through the Department for Continuing Education, you are eligible for library membership for the duration of your course. Please contact us to join. 

* not including courses under the Day/Weekend Programme

To request books via Click & Collect, please follow the steps below.

For help with using SOLO, please access the video at the bottom of this page, see the SOLO help guide or ask library staff.

  1. Go to SOLO and sign in using your seven digit library card number and password (see image below).
  2. Locate the item you wish to borrow. You may wish to limit your search to find books located in the Continuing Education Library.
  3. In your search results, when you find the item you are interested in, look for the link to Find & Request (see image below).
  4. Click on the Continuing Education Library item, and look for the [Request] button.
  5. Click on the [Request] button to initiate your request. Note this button will not appear if you are not signed in to SOLO, you are not registered with the library, or if your chosen item is not an item that is eligible for loan. The button will also not appear if the item is currently being provided to University members via the HathiTrust, which is providing emergency online access to items which are normally only available in physical format. This is a temporary arrangement during the national lockdown.
  6. The item will be fetched from the shelves by library staff within 1-3 working days.
  7. Once the item has been fetched, you will receive a notification email inviting you to make a booking for collection. You only need to book one collection to collect multiple items. 

The following images illustrate this process. For further help, please see the video below.

Step 1. Sign in to SOLO. Your username is the 7 digit barcode number on your library card (omit the final letter), e.g. 2080976 You can set a password at  

Step 2. Enter your search term, and select Continuing Education Library from the drop-down list of libraries. Click on the magnifying glass symbol to run your search.

Step 3. When you have found the item you are looking for, if there is more than one 'version' available, you will need to click on the link labelled 'view X number of versions'

SOLO will list different editions of the book. To choose one, click on the link labelled 'Find & Request'


Step 4. Click on the Continuing Education Library item. You will see some details about the book, including an indication of whether it is ‘available’ or on loan. Click on the [Request] button and follow instructions to place your request.



How many items can I request at a time?

You may request four items. If you are enrolled on more than one course you may request up to six items.

Which items can I borrow through Click & Collect?

Your library membership is restricted to the Continuing Education Library. Our loan collections include books in a wide variety of subjects, as well as pamphlets, maps and DVDs. Books which are confined to the library cannot be borrowed.  

For how long can I borrow books? Can I renew them?

The loan period is two weeks. [Note: currently, whilst some lockdown restrictions remain in place, an automatic due date may be applied which will be longer than two weeks]. If you would like to keep your books for longer you may renew them, provided they have not been reserved by another library member. You can renew your books online via your SOLO account. Alternatively you can simply reply to the loan reminder email you will receive the day before the due date(s) of your loan(s) and ask library staff to renew your book(s) for you. If a book has been reserved by another library member we will contact you to discuss return options. Currently, as a temporary measure in place whilst lockdown restrictions apply, you may send book back to us by post free of charge. If you are unable to post books back to us please contact us to let us know. You will not  be charged for late returns.

Can I reserve an item on loan to someone else?

 If an item is on loan, you may use the [Request] button to place a reservation on the item (free of charge). This means that the current borrower cannot renew the item beyond the due date.  Please bear in mind that in the present circumstances there may be some delay in reserved items being returned to the library.  If this  is the case we will do our best to let you know.

How long will it take for my  Click & Collect request to be processed?

After you have submitted your request, your chosen item (s) will be fetched from the shelves by library staff. This will happen within 1-3 working days of placing the request. Once your items are ready you will receive a notification email from library staff inviting you to book a collection time.

I have never used the Continuing Education Library before and I am not yet registered as a library member. Do I need to register before I can request books for collection?

If you are enrolled on a current course with the Department for Continuing Education [excluding one day/weekend courses] you will need to first register with the library in order to request books for collection. Please contact us We will register you and send you a confirmation. We will include your library membership card with your book(s) for collection.

I previously had a library membership at the Continuing Education Library but I am not sure whether or not it is still valid. What should I do? Please contact us. We will check the status of your library membership and will renew it if appropriate.

Will I be able to join the library or renew my library membership in person?

Staff  are currently not  able to offer any face to face reader services such as membership renewal, SOLO searches or printing documents. If you need to register, or extend your library membership, please contact us. If we need to ask you anything about your current membership we will do so by email/telephone.

What happens if I already have books on loan from the Continuing Education Library? Your loan limit will be four items (six if you are enrolled on more than one course this term), so, if you already have the maximum number of items on loan, we will ask you return items so that you remain within your loan limit. However, if you intend to return books at the same time as collecting requested ones, you may still submit your requests. 

Can I return books I have borrowed previously at the same time I come to collect books? You may return items at the same time as collecting new ones. 

Booking a collection time

Can I nominate someone else to collect items on my behalf?

Yes, but where possible, please let us know in advance by email or telephone (01865 270454).

What happens if I miss my chosen collection time?

Please contact us We will ask you to book another collection time.

How do I cancel or rearrange a collection time?
Please contact the booking system team 

What happens if I have booked a collection slot and want to request additional items? Please contact us by email We cannot guarantee that we will be able to fetch your additional items to meet your collection slot. If we are unable to do so we will let you know. Please note: we will not be able to fetch additional items at the collection point.

What should I bring with me when I come to collect my items?

Your books will have already been issued to you prior to collection, so there is no need to bring your library card. University and Bodleian Libraries policy requires you to wear a face covering in the library, unless you are exempt.

Returning Books

I only want to return items, not collect new ones. Do I have to book just to return items? 

Now that Rewley House is open again, you can return books to us without having a booking. There is a secure returns box located inside the library entrance. Please wear a face covering, unless you are exempt. Please note that currently the returns box is only available during the library opening hours 




Where is the Library?

The Library is in Rewley House, 1 Wellington Square. For more travel information and a map, please see the library website

When is the Library open?

In common with other Bodleian Libraries, we are operating restricted opening hours during this period of phased reintroduction of services.

Our opening hours are listed on our library blog. Please check back there regularly for updates 

How many books can I borrow?

Please note that borrowing is via Click & Collect only. Please see information elsewhere on this page about our Click & Collect service.You can borrow 4 books for a 2 week period. if you are enrolled on more than one short course this term you may borrow up to 6 books. Books may be renewed if not reserved by another reader. You will receive a reminder by email the day before your books are due.

You can renew by email (, telephone (01865) 270454,  or online via SOLO. You can find help with renewing online here 


How do I join the Library?

If you are enrolled on a current short course at the Department for Continuing Education ( excluding single day and weekend courses) you are eligible to register for library membership. Your membership is for the Continuing Education Library only. Your membership entitles you to borrow books and to use library computers. Please note that at present we are not able to permit access to the library. Borrowing is available only via our Click & Collect service. You can find out more about this service elsewhere in this guide.

It is not currently possible to register for library membership in person at the library desk. However, please choose one of the following ways to register:

  • Using our registration form available on the library website
  • By email 

We will register you and send your membership card to you in the post. We will also provide you with instructions for logging in to your library account on SOLO where you can view and renew your loans. 

If you are already registered to use the library but you think your membership may have expired, please contact us (as above) and we will let you know the current status of your membership and extend it where appropriate.





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