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History for Continuing Education: Continuing Education Collections

A guide to resources for History.


The Library has current subscriptions to the following key Historical journal titles in print format:

  • Continuity and Change 1993-
  • The Historian 1984-
  • History 1950-
  • History and Computing 1995-2000.
  • History Today 1985-
  • Past and Present 1952-
  • Rural History, Economy, Society, Culture 1990-
  • Social History 1980-

All our journals are catalogued on SOLO. You can also view a complete list in the Library or on our website

Journals are all for use in the Library only. Current issues are displayed on the periodical stand in the Reading Room while back issues may be found in the History sequence of the periodicals section in the Lower Library.

Many e-journals are available for History. For more information, select the Finding Articles page


Books of interest to History students are shelved in the Lower and Upper Library under the following classification numbers (Dewey Decimal Classification):

Lower Library (001-941.009)                                                    
274-299  History of Religion                   930 Archaeology and Prehistory
320.941  Political History 936.1 Archaeogy and the British
330.941  British Economic History  937-939 Ancient History (Greece and Rome)
331  Labour History 940 European History
338  Industrial History 941.006 Landscape & Agricultural History
609  History of Technology 941.0072 Local English History


Upper Library (941.01-999)

941-299  British History 942.1 History of the English Countries
941.1  Scottish History 943-949 History of European Countries
941.5  Irish History 960-969 History of African Countries
942.9  Welsh History 980-989 History of South American Countries
950-959  History of Asian Countries 990-999 History of Oceania, Australasia & Other Parts of the World
970-979  History of North America    


Oversize books are located in the Lower Library (001 – 939) and in the Reading Room (940 – 999) and pamphlets can be found in the Lower Library (001-999). A separate collection of books and pamphlets relating to Local History (Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire) is also available in the Upper Library (001-942.59).

Reference Books

The following reference books are shelved in the Reading Room, as well as other bibliographies, dictionaries and encyclopaedias:

Blackwell Companion to British History 941 BLA Q/REF
Chambers Dictionary of World History 903 CHA Q/REF
Handbook of British Chronology 941 FRY Q/REF
The Oxford Companion to British History 941 OXF Q/REF
The Penguin Dictionary of English and European History, 1485-1789 940 WIL Q/REF
The Study of History: A Bibliographical Guide 016.907 RIC Q/REF

Dissertations and theses

Dissertations, portfolios and theses written by Continuing Education History students are available for consultation in the Library. Recent years are shelved under the stairs in the Lower Library, ask staff for older titles. A list of titles held is available in the Library.

For more information on searching for theses in general, please select the Finding Theses tab