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Film Studies for Continuing Education: Continuing Education Collections

A guide to resources for Film Studies

DVD Film collection

The Library has a large collection of films on DVD format.

A small part of the collection is on VHS format.

Films may be borrowed by members of the Department for Continuing Education and are in addition to your book loan allowance. Members of other departments who are studying film courses/options may also borrow films. Films are on closed access, please ask for films at the Library Desk. 

Not all older recordings are listed on SOLO. For a complete listing and more information on the film collection, please go to the Library website



Books of interest to Film students are shelved on the lower floor of the Library under the following classification numbers (Dewey Decimal Classification):

791.43 Motion pictures/Films 791.436 Film Genres
791.4301 Film art 791.437 Film Adaptations
791.43015   Criticism 791.4372 Screenplays
791.433 Film Presentation 791.4375 Film Reviews
791.4353 Film Documentary    


Separate sequences of Oversize books and Pamphlets are located on the lower floor of the Library before the main book sequence begins

Reference Books

The following reference books are shelved in the Reading Room, as well as other bibliographies, dictionaries and encyclopaedias:

BFI Film and Television Handbook    791.403 BFI (Q/REF)
Cassell Companion to Cinema 791.43 CAS(Q/REF)
Halliwell's Film and Video Guide 791.43 HAL (Q/REF)
International Dictionary of Film and Filmmakers 791.43 INT (Q/REF)
Oxford Guide to Film Studies 791.43 OXF (Q/REF)
Oxford History of World Cinema 791.4301 OXF (Q/REF)



The Library has a current subscription to the following Film journal title in print format:

  • Sight and Sound 1958 - (Incomplete)

All our journals are catalogued on SOLO. You can also view a complete list on our website

Journals are all for use in the Library only. Current issues are displayed on the periodical stand in the Reading Room while back issues may be found in the Film sequence of the periodicals section in the Lower Library.

Many e-journals are available for Film Studies and can be access via SOLO or e-Journals A-Z. For more information, see the additional guide: Film Studies: a short guide to Bodleian Libraries resources for Film Studies. This guide gives information on Film Studies collections in other Bodleian Libraries together with information on e-resources for Film.