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Clinical Medicine: Databases

Subjects: Medicine

Searching the literature

Research Databases at Oxford

Oxford subscribes to many research databases. They can be accessed through the link Databases A-Z on SOLO home page or search by name in SOLO main search box. Bibliographic databases are essential to find research papers (journal articles), conference proceedings, books and patents on a particular subject or by a particular author. 

If you are on campus you can access most databases & e-journals directly. For off-campus access start at SOLO and log in with your Oxford Single Sign-On.

PubMed doesn't cover every scientific journal. To pick up references from elsewhere it's worth searching other medical sciences databases:

Finding journal articles on a subject

Try PubMed with Oxford links or Scopus, another database of research in science and medicine. Scopus is a commercial service, and the Bodleian Libraries pay for our access. Like PubMed it searches bibliographic records and provides links to full text where available.

Finding a specific journal article

If you already have the reference, try PubMed with Oxford links. PubMed comprises more than 20 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books.

We have linked our e-journals to PubMed. This means that when you view an article on PubMed with Oxford links you will know instantly whether you can read it straight away without having to check on a different website.

Databases A-Z


What databases do we subscribe to in medicine? Use Databases A-Z to browse our bibliographic databases and other online resources.

Click on the Subject tab and scroll down the list of categories for Medical Sciences.

View groupings for Bibliographic databases, Reference books, e-book collections, and websites.

Key databases

Oxford subscribes to many bibliographic databases. They can be used to locate journal articles, conference proceedings, books, patents, images, data and more. You can find some of the key databases for Clinical Medicine below.

Retrieving full text

Find it @ Oxford

This clever pop-up shows which years we have access to and where we get them from. This is important as current issues and backfiles of the same journal often come from different suppliers.

Guide: Cited Reference Searching

Cited reference searching (finding out what articles have cited an article after publication) can be done on Web of Science (Science Citation Index), or for articles published after 1996 on SCOPUS. Look for Times Cited or Citations.

Google Scholar also has 'Cited by' links.

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