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Church Slavonic Language and Literature: Getting started

This guide

This guide aims to provide an introduction to resources for studying Church Slavonic.  It aims to help you make use of SOLO, Databases A-Z and OU e-Journals so that you can make the most of Oxford's libraries and electronic resources. 

How to locate books

Works about Church Slavonic are to be found in the Research Collection of the Taylor Institution Library at St Giles.  This library also has a good selection of periodicals and reference material relating to Church Slavonic.  Although the Taylorian has some Church Slavonic texts, the main manuscript and early printed book collections are to be found in the Main Bodleian library (Broad St.)

In order to locate books on the shelves you will need to find out the shelfmark by looking your title up on SOLO.  You will need to transliterate according to the Library of Congress (LC) Transliteration Scheme if you are looking for a Church Slavonic title.  There is no LC standard currently for Glagolitic but a useful transliteration tables are available from pages provided by Heinz Miklas (Institute of Slavic Studies, University of Vienna) and Zoran Kostic (Foundation of the Holy Monastery, Hilandar).

There are two classification schemes at the Taylorian.  New books in the Research collection and  the undergraduate collection are classified according to a standard version of the LC classification scheme used across the Bodleian libraries.  Older books in both collections are classified according to inhouse adaptations of LC.  LC Slavonic  shelfmarks  begin with  the letters PG. They are then numerically subdivided by language and literature.  The Bulgarian Church Slavonic (Slavic)  sequence is to be found at PG771-799. The Church Slavonic (Slavic) sequence is to be found at PG601-716.  Church Slavonic (Slavic) material may also be found with the sequences relating to each of the Slavonic languages housed in the Basement at the Taylorian.

If you come across a shelfmark beginning TNR or REP. SLAV (or no shelf-mark at all), this means that the book is kept out at the Bodleian Storage Facility (BSF) and you will need to do a stack request.

If you cannot find the book on SOLO, you could try looking for it on COPAC which is a union online catalogue of UK national, academic and specialist libraries.  WorldCat covers libraries throughout the world and includes millions of records representing 400 languages. KVK (Karlsruher virtueller Katalog) is another union catalogue covering academic and national libraries throughout Europe and beyond.




Slavonic Subject Consultant

(Znamenskii sobor, Novgorod)

If you have a specific enquiry relating to Church Slavonic resources or would like to book an individual appointment for advice about Church Slavonic resources for your course,please contact:

Nick Hearn (Slavonic Lang. and Lit. Subject Consultant (including Church Slavonic))

Taylor Institution Library

Monday: 9:00 - 5:00

Tuesday: 9:00 - 5:00

Friday: 2:00 - 5:00


Tel: 01865 (2)70462


Martin Kauffmann  (Curator, Medieval Manuscripts)



Eva Oledzka (Western Manuscripts Reference Librarian)