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Changing the narrative: championing inclusive collection development: Oxford projects

A guide produced as part of the "Changing the narrative: championing diversity in collection development" project, running January 2020 to December 2021, led by Helen Worrell.


A selection of projects within the University of Oxford.  The list comprises of initiatives widely publicised or show-cased on departmental websites.

Projects in Academic Divisions

Race and the curriculum project:  more details here.  Started in 2014 out of the 'Race Equality summit'.  Aimed to address the white, eurocentric curricula.   The page gives more information on projects across History, Theology and Politics and International Relations.

MPLS have a wide range of inclusion initiatives, more information on the work done in the division can be found here.    Their Diversifying STEM curriculum project will see collaboration between DPhil History of Science students and STEM Undergraduate students to decolonise and diversify STEM resources. 

The Law Faculty have hosted a workshop on Diversifying the curriculum , a round up of this event can be found here.  Further initiatives from the Law Faculty are showcased on their Equality and Diversity pages.

TORCH's Race and Resistance network convenes discussion groups and events on racism, anti-racism and liberation in Oxford and beyond.

Earth Sciences formed an ad-hoc working group on BAME issues who produced the following report: Recommendations for improving racial equality, diversity and inclusion in the Department of Earth Sciences.  The recommendations and response from the Dept are summed up here.

Projects in GLAM

Out in Oxford : a project aiming to showcase queer objects throughout the Gardens, Libraries and Museums.  Volunteers helped write new interpretations of these objects. 

Beyond the Binary : A Pitt Rivers Museum project exploring the diversity of sexuality and gender.