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Celtic: Oxford Celtic Seminar

Oxford Celtic Seminar


                                                                                              Celtic Seminar 
                                                                                           Trinity Term 2021

6 May
Amy Mulligan
(University of Notre Dame)
Moving into Chicago’s ‘White City' – Race, Celtic iconography and the construction of Irishness at the 1893 World’s Fair

3 June
Georgia Henley
(Saint Anselm College)
Reading Geoffrey of Monmouth in south Wales and the Marches

17 June
Joshua Byron Smith (University of Arkansas)
Madog of Edeirnion’s Strenua cunctorum: A Welsh–Latin poem in praise of Geoffrey of Monmouth

All seminars are at 5.15 pm on Thursdays via Microsoft Teams.

Please contact if you need a link.

Note also: the annual O’Donnell Lecture:

Friday 14 May, 5pm
John Carey (University College Cork)
The kindred of a child without a father: Merlin’s British forebears and Irish cousins
 Via Teams