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Testing Spanish and Latin American Language and Literature: Finding books

Requesting items stored offsite

Taylorian books with the location note Stored Offsite and the status Closed Stack are housed in our book storage facility, so you will need to request the book by placing a hold. Books are delivered to the library twice-daily and can usually be borrowed, with the exception of old, rare or fragile material, and periodicals.

Bodleian books may also be requested to the Taylorian using the same hold request function. Please remember that Bodleian books are for reference use only and may not be borrowed.

Books outside Oxford

Would you like to widen your search outside of Oxford libraries? There are two key catalogues you can use to help identify relevant material from further afield. 

If you find a book you want to use for research that is not held in Oxford you have two options:

  1. Request an interlibrary loan. Many items, including journal articles and theses, can be requested from the British Library or other libraries nationally and internationally.
  2. Suggest it for purchase. Subject consultants are always happy to consider suggestions for purchase. Please give as much detail as possible when making a request.

Find books in Oxford libraries

SOLO is the portal for searching all resources e.g books, journals and databases that are accessible through the University. When looking for a book or journal on SOLO, make sure you note the shelfmark and the location.

A variety of (sometimes confusing) shelfmarks can be found at the Taylorian, so two copies of an item may have the same shelfmark but be at different locations. Alternatively, two copies of the same book could have entirely different shelfmarks!

Always ask staff if you're not sure where to locate a particular book.

Browsing the collection

All the books in both the Teaching and Research Collections are arranged in classification schemes, with each book having its own shelfmark. The best way of locating a book is to search SOLO and note down the shelfmark, as well as the given location e.g. Teaching Collection.

However, if you prefer to browse the shelves there are a few things to note. Currently there are 2 separate sequences of Spanish books in both the Teaching and  Research Collections:

Old in-house classification:

e.g. SK.ROJ1 - 5CEL - J7 -J8 (La Celestina, Fernando de Rojas) in the Teaching Collection

or  ASH.6013.A.39 for the same title in the Research Collection

New classification - Library of Congress scheme:

e.g.  PQ6426.A1 ROJ 2007  to find the same title again in the Library of Congress sequence

With very few exceptions, all new books go into the Library of Congress classification either in the Teaching Collection or in the main library. For a brief outline of the Library of Congress scheme for Spanish and Latin American literatures, please see the guide below (PDF).