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Copy of Virtual Reality: Oxford VR Examples

Let’s Talk About Climate

Title: Let's Talk About Climate
Created By:  Kenneth Amor, Earth Sciences, Museum of Natural History. VR simulation developed by Rūta Karolytė of the Dept. of Earth Sciences.
Description of project:
"Climate change is in the news every day and Let’s Talk About Climate is a chance to review the evidence first hand, talk to the experts and respond. Over six interactive workshops learn about the science of climate change, think about the how to solve the problem, and work out how to pass on your own message to influence decisions made at individual, local and national levels."

Two Gear VR's were used to demonstrate a VR simulation on carbon capture and storage.

Oxford VR & AR Hub Summer School

Title: Oxford VR & AR Hub Summer School
Created By:  Oxford VR & AR Hub
Description of project:
"The Immersive Technologies Summer School 2019 provided students and young researchers with those essential skills required to embrace immersive technologies. This was a hands-on, 4 days programme that includes tutorials and project work."

VR equipment from the RSL was lent for the duration of the project to help build skills and enable app development.

Induction to the Radcliffe Science Library

Title: Virtual Reality Induction to the Radcliffe Science Library

Created By: Meredith Kenton & William Stone
Subject: Micro-Internship program at the Radcliffe Science Library
Description of project:
Undergraduate induction is a very busy time at the University and the Radcliffe Science Library offers a physical induction to all new undergraduate students studying science, non-clinical medicine and Geography. We wanted to supplement this with an online induction available through our website for those students who, for whatever reason, miss their standard induction or want a refresher. We are keen for this to be a relevant and accessible resource (primarily for undergraduates), showcasing the support and resources on offer at the RSL.  

Website link:

Virtual Reality Induction to the Radcliffe Science Library:

Offshore Wind Turbines

Title: Offshore Wind Turbines
Created By: Toby Balaam & REMS CDT Program Group
Subject: Dept. of Engineering
Description of project:
The REMS CDT program looks at offshore renewable structures and Toby is undertaking a group project in which they are looking at improving the safety at sea when installing wind turbines. Currently there are people beneath the structures giving instructions to the crane drivers for installation and they are trying to move that person from beneath the load. An idea they had was using 360 degree cameras and VR headsets so that the people can move to the safety of a nearby ship whilst maintaining the close field vision. 
Here is what is currently done offshore (in which people are beneath a moving, lifted cylinder):

Here is a sped up test video using the 360 and a guidance system:

An overview of their experiment from a conventional camera:

A Journey to Venus

Title: A Journey to Venus - HAWAII 360°
Created By: Dr. Colin F. Wilson
Subject: Dept. of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics
Read more:


First RSL 360 Photo

Title: First 360 photo taken using the Gear 360
Taken By: Richard Smith
Subject: RSL Staff
Date Taken: 09/08/2016First 360 photo taken by RSL Staff using the Gear 360

Ian Cartwright - School of Archaeology

Title: Morocco Caves Project - 360 Degree Site Images
Taken By: Ian Cartwright
Subject: School of Archaeology
More 360 photos by Ian:​

Dar es-Soltan 1 Morocco. Cave interior, post excavation end of 2012 season.

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