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Copy of Virtual Reality: Using the HTC Vive

User Guide

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to discuss using the service, feel free to contact us at

VR and AR Oxford Hub

VR and AR Oxford Hub is a student project winner of the IT Innovation Challenge award 2017. The aim is to bring together people, knowledge and resources related to VR and AR technologies. Learn more here:

HTC Vive Setup

0:25 - Pick Play Area
1:39 - Install software (Skip this step)
2:13 - Set up VIVE base stations
4:10 - Set up VIVE headset
5:43 - Set up VIVE controllers
6:00 - Room Setup

How to Book the Vive

Using the Vive in the RSL
The Vive will be available to try out in the RSL, this is perfect if you've never tried VR or a Vive before. RSL Staff will help guide you through how it all works and can show you some demo's! Once you're comfortable using the equipment on your own you can book this without RSL Staff supervision.

Lending Service for the Vive
If you are a post-graduate or staff, you will be able to book out the equipment for up to 1 week at a time to use within your office or lab. 

Email to book in a date & time.