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Copy of Managing your references: Mendeley

Connect with other researchers

A benefit of Mendeley is the ability to network and collaborate with other researchers around the world. Develop your research network profile to promote your work and connect with others. See the Mendeley website for more information.

Share references

Share references and notes with colleagues using Mendeley groups. There are a variety of privacy and editing permissions options. Interact with other members of the group on the group page. Find out more on the Mendeley website.

Mendeley Web Catalog

Mendeley Web Catalog is a research catalogue of all the references in every Mendeley user's library, which can be searched. You are able to see how many users have a particular reference in their library, but not who those users are. Find out more on the Mendeley website.

Citations and bibliographies

Cite references and create bibliographies in MS Word and Open Office using the Mendeley word processor plug-in. While there are two versions of Mendeley running concurrently, there are also two word processor plugins available:

  • Find out more about the word processor that accompanies Mendeley Desktop, the original citation software, on the Mendeley website.
  • Find out about the new word processor plugin 'Mendeley Cite' which accompanies the new version of the software Mendeley Reference Manager.

For available citation styles see the CSL Editor webpage.

How does it work?

Mendeley logo

Mendely is a freely available reference manager and academic social network with web-based, desktop and mobile versions. You can sync your library between these different versions and across different computers.

There are two version of Mendeley running concurrently since the release of a new version in 2019. Elsevier, who own Mendeley, intend Mendeley Reference Manager to replace Mendeley Desktop although there is no date given for this yet [correct at time of editing (1st Sept 2020)]. The two versions are not compatible, so any documents you create using the old version must be completed before using the new version. Read below to find out more. Information about how to install Mendeley is towards the bottom of this page.

Mendeley Desktop and Mendeley Desktop Citation Plugin
Mendeley Desktop is the original version of the software, which allows you to collect and organise citations in a 'library'. Mendeley Desktop is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. You can use the Mendeley Desktop Citation Plugin in Microsoft Word or LibreOffice to insert citations from your library into a document.

Mendeley Reference Manager and Mendeley Cite
In May 2019 a new version of the citation software was released called Mendeley Reference Manager, which is used to collect and organise citations. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. In May 2019, a new word processor plugin was also released called Mendeley Cite. Mendeley Cite is currently in beta. It is important to note there may be performance issues while Mendeley Cite is in beta and you will not be able to convert documents to Mendeley Cite that you started in Mendeley Desktop Citation Plugin.

We have been supporting University members' use of Mendeley Desktop and are continually developing our experience with the new version Mendeley called Mendeley Reference Manager. We will do our best to assist you with any questions you have about both products.

Download Mendeley Desktop

To use Mendeley Desktop, you need to register to use Mendeley and download the software:

Mendeley Desktop registration

Download Mendeley Desktop

You will need to install the word processor plugin separately. Instructions can be found on the Mendeley website.

Download Mendeley Reference Manager

To use Mendeley Reference Manager, you need to register to use Mendeley and download the software:

Mendeley Reference Manager registration

Download Mendeley Reference Manager

You will need to install the word processor plugin Mendeley Cite separately. Find out more on the Mendeley website.

Collecting references

Direct Export

  • Some online databases


  • Bibliographic data from:
    • Online databases
    • Google Scholar
    • SOLO
    • Online PDFs
    • Other library catalogues (e.g. British Library)
  • Webpage snapshots

Offline PDF of full text

  • drag and drop PDF
  • import details from all PDF documents in a folder
  • create a watch folder - a record will be created for any full text PDF added to the folder

Indirect Export

From online databases and other reference management software

Import files saved as XML, BibTex or RIS.

Mendeley Web Catalog


Need help with Mendeley?

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