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Copy of Managing your references: Zotero

Share references

Share references with your colleagues using Zotero groups.

There are a variety of privacy and editing permissions options.

Interact with other group members via group discussions.

Citations and bibliographies

Cite references and create bibliographies in MS Word, Open Office or Google Docs using a Zotero word processor plugin.

For a list of citation styles available see here.

Install Zotero word processor plugin

You can find information about using Zotero with Google Docs on Zotero's website.

System Requirements

How does it work?

Zotero logo

Zotero is a freely available reference manager available as both an extension for the Firefox web browser and as a desktop program, called Zotero Standalone. Connectors which allow you to save items to Zotero Standalone are available for Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. A 'bookmarklet' for Zotero can be added to almost any web browser (desktop and mobile) to allow references to be sent to your Zotero library. The method of adding the bookmarklet to your browser will vary depending on the software you wish to use. Please see the Bookmarklet reference section on the Zotero website.

Download (Zotero for Firefox and Zotero Standalone)

Registration page

Log in page

Collecting references

Zotero support on getting references into your library


  • Bibliographic data from:
    • Online databases
    • Google Scholar
    • SOLO
    • Other library catalogues (e.g. British Library)
  • Webpage snapshots

Indirect Export

From online databases and other reference management software.

Import files saved as Zotero RDF, MODS (Metadata Object Description Schema), BibTeX, RIS, Refer/BibIX or Unqualified Dublin Core RDF.

By Item Identifier

Type in an ISBN, DOI or PubMed ID.


Type details in manually

Need help with Zotero?

Bodleian Libraries workshops

Handouts and presentation slides from Referencing: Zotero workshop

Handouts and presentation slides from Referencing: Choosing and using software workshop

For help with Zotero please email

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