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Testing ORA: Oxford University Research Archive: Using Symplectic Elements

Depositing to ORA via Symplectic Elements

Guides to Symplectic Elements

User guides

Using Symplectic Elements

Symplectic Elements is accessible to anyone with a SSO*. It provides a tool for Oxford users to search for their publications by adding specific search terms and filters. Upon finding their publications, publications can then be 'claimed'. Once a publication has been claimed in Symplectic a full-text file can then be added to the record. Claimed publications from outside sources (PubMedCentral, Scopus, WebOfScience, etc) will be automatically transferred into the research archive. Those where full text files are added come through to a review stage, where ORA staff check the full text to ensure that it is in compliance with copyright and publisher policies and update as necessary.

 *Symplectic Elements deposit can be done on the behalf of another individual - in Symplectic Elements a delegate ('impersonator') can be chosen to be given access to deposit on another users behalf.

Login FAQs

I have an active SSO but cannot log in to deposit my article. How can I get access to deposit?

Symplectic Elements accounts are automatically created for staff employed by the University on a research contract.

Other researchers requiring an account - for example college-only staff or DPhil students - can apply using the Symplectic new user request form and email it to the Symplectic helpdesk. All requests received by Thursdays will be processed the following Tuesday.

I have left the university and want to deposit an Oxford-affiliated article in ORA. Is this possible? 

Yes. If you have an Oxford author affiliation or Oxford grant on the article we would welcome its deposit in our institutional repository ORA. You may also deposit at your new University.

If you previously had a Symplectic account whilst at the University

  • If there is a co-author who is still at Oxford, they will be able to make that deposit on behalf of all authors.
  • Otherwise please contact your former Departmental Open Access admin contact for advice. The local contacts list is on the OA Oxford website at

If you did not previously have a Symplectic account

  • Please complete the form at https://symplectic/register and return as instructed, including your former SSO if you remember it. Once your account is created, please contact your former open access contact for advice (contact details above).

If you have any queries about the above or require further assistance, please contact the Symplectic Helpdesk at

Symplectic Elements Support Desk

For queries relating to the use of Symplectic Elements at Oxford please contact:

Oxford Research Archive






Oxford University Research Archive (ORA) is an institutional repository for the University of Oxford and is home to the scholarly output of its research members. It holds publications, theses and research data.

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NOTICE: Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic ORA services are remote working with limited access. Please use the contact us form or email directly. Phones are currently unmanned with voicemails being accessed intermittently.