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MBA 20-21: Group Presentation Assignment: Case A: Facebook

Case A

A – Facebook’s hate speech problem

Facebook has recently come under scrutiny over its processes, including the balance between automated (e.g. AI) and human approaches, for dealing with hate speech on its platform. Criticism has culminated in the #StopHateForProfit campaign and an advertising boycott by some blue-chip clients. As a result, Facebook has experienced a loss of revenues, and employee dissent. The company's share price has fallen, and risk exposure has increased. You are advising CEO and controlling shareholder Mark Zuckerberg on how to address the operational, organisational and accounting challenges related to the company’s process of dealing with hate speech.  

Business Articles


Be sure to search the article databases above because of their valuable content. Do NOT rely only on searching Google. You should strike a balance between the open Web and these subscription databases.  It will provide better coverage and give you a stronger competitive advantage in analysing the situation.

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