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Fitch Connect Trial

Fitch Connect Trial

Fitch Connect is a world-class platform from Fitch Solutions offering Country Risk and Industry Research, Fundamental Data and Credit Rating and Analytics

University of Oxford is currently provided a trial access to Fitch Connect from 24 March to 30 April.

The Content
Access Country Risk and Industry Research covering 22 industries across 204 markets and territories.

Access comprehensive Credit Intelligence, including the world’s leading bank fundamental data set, ratings and research covering the fixed-income universe, as well as financial data on insurance firms, corporations, and sovereigns.

How to Access Fitch Connect
To request your free trial access, email stating your complete name and University of Oxford email address. Fitch Connect welcome email will be received within 24 to 48 hours. Account must be activated within 72 hours upon receipt of the welcome email.

To access Fitch Connect, go to

Fitch Connect Support

Introduction to Fitch Connect Country Risk and Industry Research

1:32       Country Risk Page
2:39       Industry Risk Page
5:53       Macroeconomic and industry related data
8:22       Projects Databases (Infrastructure, LNG, Global Mines)

Introduction to Fitch Connect Credit Ratings, Research and Fundamental Financial Data

Additional support and training, contact

Contact the Sainsbury Library at