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Recent events has led some countries of South America into the spotlight, whether for good or bad reasons. If you are interested in the recent affairs then look no further!

This Guide will follow the current situation in South America. It will also focus on some major players in the region, as well as some notable ones. There is a bunch of databases, reports, articles, books and just general information on the topic ready for you to dive in!

Since most of the developments are rather new, more information is going to come out. If you are interested in the newest reports or articles, you can use the databases provided in this guide to find them.

There's also a bunch of handy links on "doing business in different countries" at the bottom!

Interesting Books

Below you'll find some interesting books on subjects ranging from political information to business in the region:

Databases with helpful information

On the "Global Business" Tab, you'll find many links to databases, articles, etc., which have related information to the topic, since they encompass global information.


Engaging Videos

IAs and Doing Business In...

Here are some reports and databases for "Intergovernmental Agencies" that are interesting:

World Bank in Chile

World Bank in Brazil

World Bank in Bolivia

World Bank in Argentina

Economic Survey Chile

Economic Survey Brazil

Book:   Boom, Bust and Recovery

Listed below are a few websites containing information on how to "Do Business In..."








Articles about the political and economic landscape


Overview of Chile

Collection of different articles about Chile, covering economy, politics, etc.


Chile is one of the wealthier countries in South America, but as recent protests show, that doesn't correspond with the people living in there. The Articles in this bit will mainly focus on the protests going on with some other economic facts.

 Chile is a particular place of commotion right now. As highlighted by this article. 

This article is telling about the protests and it has some influential pictures as well.

By the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Stories from different protesters by the Guardian.

Analysis of ten case studies in Chile.

Search in MarketLine for "Healthcare" and "Chile". It is an Industry Report and should be the first result on the list.




Various Statistics on Bolivia's Economy


Bolivia is a diverse plurinational state, with some of the largest occurrences of Lithium in the world. They have been building up their country under former president Evo Morales. This section will focus mainly on the coup, as well as the previous mentioned metal.

A market research report for Bolivia's energy strategy, with topics including sector trends, consumer confidence and consumer debt.

As governments throughout Latin America have increased their dependence on resource extraction, the debate around extraction-based development has been reinvigorated.

Center for Economic and Policy Research indicates that there was no evidence for election fraud.

The article goes over the Coup and how it is portrayed in the media as well as profiling briefly the questionable people taking power.

"Bolivian authorities should repeal a November 15, 2019 decree granting the military overly broad discretion to use force, and stop harassing independent journalists and government opponents", said the Human Rights Watch today.

Goes in depth into the man who backed the coup in Bolivia - and it is worrying.



Overview of Brazil

Provides a wide arrange of articles concerning mostly economy, politics, etc.


Brazil is one of the biggest economies in South America, granting them a significant importance in the region. The recent leadership is questionable to say the least. Pointing at the latest environmental developments.

Search on MarketLine for "Brazil" and "Government" and choose the Industry Report.

Major global oil firms snubbed a second Brazilian oil auction in a row on Thursday, passing up offshore blocks and forcing officials to reconsider a bidding system that gives a privileged position to state-run Petroleo.

Pollution stretches across 2,400km of coastline, with scientists fearing contamination of food chain. See the Business Insider Tweet on the right for additional information.

MarketLine Industry Profile: Search for "Brazil" and "Oil" and choose the newest/most relevant.

Article going over the rising deforestation in Brazil. For a related video, see the video section below.

This paper addresses the relationship between compliance with social performance criteria and procedural criteria, and this relationship’s significance for social equity at both farm and wider landscape levels. 



Overview of Venezuela

Covers articles about economy, politics, etc.


The country is currently under economic sanctions, there are also food shortages, which lay heavily upon the population. Venezuela is also one of the leading exporters of oil.

Search in MarketLine for "Venezuela" and search for the Country Profile section and choose the appropriate report.

Insight into sustainability challenges in Venezuela

A newer BM Industry Report from Q4 2019

Talks about GDP and Inflation.

Goes over how many transactions are made in dollars and their effects.



Overview of Argentina

Same like the other countries a collection of Data


Argentina has the second largest economy in South America. That means it is a prominent regional power as well as a international middle power.

BMI Industry Report from Q4 2019

Argentine President-elect Alberto Fernandez is preparing to task the country’s central bank with trying to boost the crisis-torn economy through a weak exchange rate.

Argentina must repay $5 billion by the end of 2019. It doesn’t have much to work with.

"Using a computable general equilibrium model that explicitly represents the biofuel industry, this study carries out several simulations on two sets of issues: international markets for biofuel and feedstock and domestic policies"

Search in Market Line for "Automotive" and "Argentina" and choose the Industry Profile.

Reports in Databases

Various Reports and Analyses:

Analysis and Statistics about Business Dynamics in Chile. Search in Passport for "Chile" and "Business" and switch to the Analysis tab and click on the first report.

Includes a 10-Year Forecast, Outlooks, SWOT Analysis, Policies, etc. 

They analyzed the effects of inflation targeting (IT) implementation and functioning through the reaction function of monetary authorities from Latin American (LA) inflation targeters (ITers), e.g. Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru. 

This new high profile report provides details of taxes paid on wages in twenty economies in Latin America and the Caribbean.  It covers: personal income taxes and social security contributions paid by employees; social security contributions and payroll taxes paid by employers; cash benefits received by in-work families.

 Overview with Data on the Industries and Markets in Brazil

Coming from the same database as the Industry Report on Brazil, this also shows an overview and data on the Industry

Similar to the first overview of Brazil, but briefer. For this report search in Passport for "Brazil" and "Country", then go to the Analysis tab and select the Country Profile.

Go to the "Country Insight" Tab and choose from the "Americas" Bolivia.

The authors explore the ability of core inflation to predict headline CPI annual inflation for a sample of eight developing economies in Latin America over the period January 1995 – May 2017.

by EMIS Professional; Among other countries select Argentina and browse the other options!

An annual publication of the OECD Development Center, the Latin American Economic Outlook provides original information and comparative indicators on key issues affecting the region's development.

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Created by Yannik Santos. Swiss Intern at the Sainsbury Library, Michaelmas term 2019.