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Eikon allows for economic research and strategy development with macroeconomic analysis through access to the accounts data and equity data for global companies and stock indices. The content spans over 40 years and contains worldwide economics data and futures, bonds and commodities figures.


You can access Eikon using one of the fixed terminals in the Sainsbury Library, or the Social Science Library. Saïd Business School researchers, faculty, and non-resident postgraduates can request a temporary login to access Eikon remotely by emailing


The Thomson Reuters Datastream Excel add-in is now part of Eikon, and offers financial historical data with time series content available from the 1950s. It enables you to explore relationships between data series, perform correlation and relationship analysis, test investment and trading ideas, research countries, regions and industries.



What is Eikon?

Eikon is a financial economic data source and analysis tools. It consists of company and market related data. You can use it to find information on markets, stocks and stock indices, historical financial data, company, economic information and more.

Some key features of Eikon are:

  • Provides access to extensive business and financial information for listed companies, including:
    • Current data of exchange-traded instruments (stocks, warrants, options, futures, indexes, etc.)
    • news
    • economic data,
    • commodity data,
    • foreign exchange rates
    • interest rates 
  • Provides data visualization tools
    • charting tools
    • integration with Microsoft office
  • Provides customizable and premade workspaces to view data
    • Users will be able to save and export views if they wish for later use.


Refinitiv (formerly Thomson Reuters) provide lots of training videos and guides on their website. Specific queries can be sent to Hal Kirkwood or Becci Hutchins, who can send them on to Refinitiv.