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Testing: Backup of Managing your references: Papers

Citations and bibliographies

Cite references and create bibliographies in MS Word and other word processors, web browsers, presentations and even email with Magic Manuscripts.

There are thousands of different citation styles to choose from.

When you are ready to add a citation , simply use the ctrl + alt + p shortcut from any application.

This opens the citations function, enabling you to search by entering a keyword, part of a title, or the name of the author of the paper you want to cite.

Papers for iOS

Papers is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Import, read, annotate and organise your papers easily while on the move.

Papers for iPad

Sharing and Collaboration

Papers Livfe (pronounced 'life') is a social networking tool.

It enables Papers users to collaborate with peers across the world, and to share and discover new work.

With Livfe, an individual's library of research becomes part of a searchable global research network.

Papers Livfe

How does it work?

Papers is a desktop and web-based reference manager that enables you to add to, organise and browse your research library with its iTunes style interface. The software costs $59 to download (student discount and 30 day trial available), with the added benefit of retaining your research library even after you leave Oxford.  

Registration / log in page

Collecting references

Direct export

  • Many popular databases including PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science
  • Google Scholar

Indirect export

  • From online databases and other reference management software.
  • Import file formats: Bibtex, RIS, Endnote ENW, Endnote XML, CHM, eBook, PDF.
  • Drag and drop articles from your hard drive.

Matching Metadata

  • Automatically matches metadata from imported articles.
  • Option to manually match an article to its metadata

Manuscripts and Citations

'Write. Cite. Done' is how Papers describes its easy-access citations function, Magic Manuscripts. Pull up citations in web browsers, email, presentations and word processors without having to leave the application.

Magic Manuscripts

Mac vs. PC

Papers was initally created solely for Macs, and while a version for PC has been created, some functions are still Mac-specific. The developers aim to reduce the differences between the two operating systems as quickly as possible, but it is something to consider when thinking about buying Papers.

Need help with Papers?

Scopus via 'Papers'

A tool called Papers allows Apple Mac users to save references from Scopus. 

To access Scopus via Papers you need an institutional ID:

System Requirements