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Testing: Backup of Managing your references: platform is a data visualization and analysis tool for looking at patterns of academic publication and citation. A reference management tool (previously known as Colwiz) is built into the platform. It offers basic reference management facilities. More can be learned about the platform here -

How does it work? logo offers a basic reference management system (previously known as 'Colwiz') with web-based, desktop and mobile versions.  You can sync your library between these different versions and across different computers. The software is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

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Collecting References

Direct Export

Search online databases such as PubMed, Google Scholar, ArXiv and BioOne from within the desktop application and add references from the search results to your library with a single click.

Indirect Export

From online databases and other reference management software via a web browser plugin.

Import files saved as BibTex, EndNote XML or RIS.

Direct import of PDF files is also supported.


Citations and bibliographies

Cite references and create bibliographies in MS Word, Open Office and LaTex using the word processor plug-in.

Please note that the citation tool offered in is very basic and does not currently support functions such as adding page numbers to in-text citations.

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