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Testing Bioinformatics: Databases

What are databases?

Oxford has many bibliographic databases available to members of the University. These can be used to locate journal articles, conference proceedings, patents etc. Oxford members can access subscription databases via the Databases A-Z list.

Core Bioinformatics Organisations

Each of these organisations provides access to a wealth of bioinformatics databases, software and reference literature. They can all be accessed freely over the web and do not require a subscription.

Additional Bioinformatics Databases

The following databases represent some additional core on-line resources for bioinformatics. There are many more available. Try the Bioinformatics Web Directories linked to in the box below for resources specific to your needs.

National Bioinformatics Training

Bibliographic Databases

Bioinformatics Web Directories

The following directories provide hundreds of links to bioinformatics resources across the web.

Online Bioinformatics Tutorials

There are many bioinformatics tutorials available on the web. Below are some suggestions from reputable organisations.