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Testing: Inductions: Introduction

What are inductions?

Inductions are your opportunity to learn about the libraries in Oxford that are relevant to your studies and research. There are over 100 libraries in the University and your library induction will show you which libraries you should use for your subject and how to use the library catalogue so that you can find material on your reading list.

How do I know which library induction to attend?

Which library induction you should attend will have been organised for you. Your college will include it in the timetable for freshers' week.

Alternatively you can find a list of inductions on the Bodleian Libraries website.


Find books in Oxford libraries

SOLO is the portal for searching all resources e.g books, journals and databases that are accessible through the University. When looking for a book or journal on SOLO, make sure you note the shelfmark and the location.

A variety of (sometimes confusing) shelfmarks can be found at the Taylorian, so two copies of an item may have the same shelfmark but be at different locations. Alternatively, two copies of the same book could have entirely different shelfmarks!

Always ask staff if you're not sure where to locate a particular book.


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Did you find your induction useful?

Did you find your induction helpful?
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What is SOLO and what does it cover?

What is SOLO and what does it cover?

SOLO is the catalogue of  the major collections of the libraries of the University of Oxford.  It covers:

  • the holdings of the majority of libraries within the University of Oxford including the Bodleian Libraries and most College and Departmental Libraries (e.g. books, journals, theses, audio-visual materials, maps, music, official and government papers and other items held in libraries)
  • The University's collections of e-books, e-journals and databases and materials which the  Bodleian Libraries receive via electronic Legal Deposit (eLD)
  • Research papers and theses by members of Oxford University that are deposited in the Oxford Research Archive (ORA)

It does not cover:

  • Most of the Bodleian Libraries' manuscript and archive collections
  • the John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera

> Find out more about the coverage of SOLO.

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