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Manuscripts: Papyri, Medieval and Renaissance: Papyri


The library's papyri are briefly described in our online catalogue, Medieval Manuscripts in Oxford Libraries.

The Library also holds disegni (hand-drawn facsimiles) of several papyri from Herculaneum (P. Herc.). The disegni were made when the rolls were first opened, mostly between 1802 and 1806 under the direction of Rev. John Hayter, and often preserve text no longer extant in the originals.

The disegni are MSS. Gr. class. c. 1-7 (Summary Catalogue 28051-60). MSS. Gr. class. c. 8-9 are editions of P. Herc. prepared for publication by John Hayter. MS. Gr. class. c. 10 contains correspondence relating to the disegni.

Digitized images of the disegni are available via The Imaging Papyri Project.

See also:

  • Typescript catalogue of Greek papyri by B. Grenfell [Weston Library Gallery R.6.170]

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