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Brasenose College Library: Using the library

Subjects: College Libraries

IT facilities

Computers in the libraries print to any of the designated college printers.

Printer/photocopier/scanners are located in  the Stally and on the library landing by the  Library  & Archives office.

Scan to email facility.

B&W and colour photocopying free of charge.

Dedicated PCs for SOLO searching in  Old Cloisters and the Main Library. No login required.

Giant iBoard Touch in the Collaborative Room.


Extra help for those who need it

If you have a disability or develop a disability  during your time here please contact the librarian as  there  may be ways in which we can assist  you.


Working in the Library

The library offers  convenient, quiet study space  and a friendly environment in which to work. Wifi is available and remote printing to a selection of printers located around the college is possible. Owing to the  popularity of study areas within college desks may not be reserved. Papers/books may only be left overnight if they are placed in one of the library lockers available as weekly loans (0th-9th week).  Please ask a member of staff if you wish to use a locker.

The Stallybrass Library is for those studying law and making use of the law materials therein.

A Study-break pass system operates during the day; a yellow study-break pass must be left on piles of work left unattended (however briefly) during the day with an indication as to how long you will be gone/anticipated time of return.

All users must read and observe the Library Protocol

If you require assistance you can find a member of staff in the Library and Archives office or email:



The shelfmark system is based on subject areas. The basic format is a letter or letters corresponding to a subject area, followed by a number. For example F/MR 12 indicates  English (in this case Shakespeare). Subject letters are: B—Mod Lang, E—Philosophy, F-English, G-Ancient History, J-Classics, L-Physics and Chemistry, M-Maths, NX-Engineering, P–Biological Sciences, S-Management, X-Theology, Y-Music, H– History and Politics, O-Geography, LR-Law, ART –Art.

Books with collection  code BNCSH or BNCLR or a prefix ”stack” or “res” or are not held in the main collection but will be fetched upon request.

Staff are happy to retrieve books on high shelves for anyone uncomfortable using the mobile steps.

Suggestions for purchase

If BNC does not have a book that you require you may make a suggestion for purchase. We aim to satisfy requests as soon as possible, often within 24 hours.

Proposals should be sent by email to the librarian and your tutor. Full details of the book including the exact title, correct spelling of the author’s name, ISBN and year of publication if known.


Borrowing, returns and renewals

Check out - The Brasenose library is a self-issue library. There is a  self-issue terminal located directly across from the main door. One at the bottom of the spiral staircase in the Smith Reading Room. In the Stally the self-issue terminal is clearly visible to the right as you enter the library. To issue books scan your Bod Card and follow the on-screen instructions.

Returns - there is a book return box in the Stally. Books may be handed to a member of library staff, placed on the librarian’s desk in the Smith Reading Room or on the “returns” shelves opposite the stairs to the History Library.

Renewals - books may be renewed online, via email or by re-issuing on the self-issue system.

Number of loans - there is currently no limit on the number of books you may have out on loan at a given time.

Loan periods - most books are issued for a term or vacation period with the exception of law and chemistry books which are issued for a week at a time during term time.