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Resource of the Month: KnowledgeShare

Bodleian Health Care Libraries resource of the month

Resource of the Month

KnowledgeShare – current awareness tailored to your interests



KnowledgeShare is our current awareness service for all OUH staff which offers targeted and highly personalised current awareness. You may have come across it before if you have worked in another NHS trust as it is a very popular and useful service. It is a simple model – you tell us which areas of health care you are interested in and we set up an account for you on KnowledgeShare. If there are new items which match your areas of interest, these are sent out to you in a fortnightly email from the library. The emails contain links to relevant high level evidence – articles, reports, reviews – so you won’t be inundated with primary research articles. The evidence is drawn from a wide variety of sources, including local publications and events, published research literature and national guidance and policy documents. A lot of the items will be freely available or available through NHS OpenAthens or from one of our libraries. If not, then the library should be able to supply the article (a small fee may apply).

If you are interested in signing up for KnowledgeShare, please fill in the form below and email it to


In order to get access to reports, articles and research which are paid for by the NHS and the library, you will need an NHS OpenAthens username and password. Sign up for one on the NHS OpenAthens site. You can reset your password here but if you haven't used OpenAthens for a long time, your account may have expired and been deleted. In that situation, please just set up a new account. Please ask us for any help by emailing