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Administrative law: Comparative Studies

Subjects: Law

Finding commentary

Finding commentary in SOLO

Add the name of the jurisdiction - Australia or United States for example - to subject searches such as those below:
‚ÄčAdministrative law 
Judicial review 
Judicial review of administrative acts 
Administrative  procedure
Administrative remedies
Government liability 
Governmental investigations

Shelf browsing
The collection of works on administrative law for the jurisdictions of the British Isles & five common law jurisdictions are on Level 2, with K (or Moys) shelf marks.
The works on English & Welsh/UK law are shelved first. Then works on the treatment of the law by the other jurisdictions follow, country by country. In these cases, the third line of the shelf mark indicates which "foreign" jurisdiction the work is about - using the following codes - A8 Australia, C1 Canada, Ireland I5, N4 New Zealand, S3 Scotland, U4 United States.

KM300 administrative law - general principles, comprehensive treatments
KM303 Administrative tribunals
KM303.5 Public Inquiries
KM304 Administrative procedure, national justice
KM305 Remedies
KM306 Judicial review
Note: judicial review in particular areas of law will be shelved with that topic eg Criminal judicial review : a practioner's guide to judicial review in the criminal justice system and related areas would be at KM570.
KM307 Ombudmen -general works

Works on administrative law in other jurisdictions have Law Bod shelf marks beginning with the jurisdiction or legal system eg Cw India. European jurisdictions are on Level 3, one floor above entrance level; remaining jurisdictions are on Level 1, one floor down.

Comparative studies

On Level 2 there are two distinct collections which may have useful texts

Cw Gen  (comparing commmon law countries - excluding USA)

Australian Administrative Law