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Korean law: Constitution

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RoK Constitutional Court

Print copies of Constitutional Court decisions (1998 - ) at Korea S 100 C60
                    of Decisions of the Korean Constitutional Court (2000- ) at Korea S 200 C60

As explained on the Court's website
A Constitutional Court case number, 2017Hun-Ba369, is made up of the year, case code (Hun-Ba)
and unique number

The case codes are:

1) Hun-Ka for constitutional review of statutes
2) Hun-Na for the impeachment
3) Hun-Da for dissolution of a political party
4) Hun-Ra for Competence Disputes
5) Hun-Ma for constitutional complaint (pursuant to Constitutional Court Act Article 68, paragraph 1)
6) Hun-Ba for constitutional complaint (pursuant to Constitutional Court Act, Article 68 paragraph 2)
7) Hun-Sa for appointment of a counsel and preliminary orders
8) Hun-A for special cases such as retrial and etc

Chapter 6 of the Constitution established the Constitutional Court

Article 11.1 sets out its jurisdiction
"The Constitutional Court shall have jurisdiction over the following matters:

The constitutionality of a law upon the request of the courts;


Dissolution of a political party;

Competence disputes between central government organs, between central government organs and local governments, and between local governments; and

Constitutional complaint as prescribed by statute."

See also the Constitutional Court Act: August 5, 1988, which has since been amended. (The most recent (as of July 2016)  December 21, 2007.)


The Constitution of the Republic of Korea of July 17, 1948 has since had a number of amendments.

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