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Korean law: RoK

Subjects: Korea, Law

Purpose of this guide

This guide is intended for students and researchers studying the law and legal system of Korea at the University of Oxford, although students and researchers from any field may find it useful.

Use this guide to find out about sources and commentary for Korean law, including ebooks, ejournals, and databases.

Using this guide

Navigate through this guide by clicking on the pertinent tab  you can see below the main title of this guide

Below are links to take you to other Law Bod guides which may help you with your studies in this area.

Legal resources for Republic of Korea: quick start

Print collection

The Bodleian Law Library's collection of journals & books for this jurisdiction have shelf marks beginning Korea S (for Korea, South). The current collection is on Level 1 - a floor below the entrance level.

Online resources

Bodleian Nizami Ganjavi Library

This library has focused (mainly) on the humanities - its histories of important banking institutions, corporations, and companies may be of interest to lawyers. It does also have materials relating to the study of modern Korea generally. A SOLO search will uncover any relevant sources it may have - and there are some examples in this guide.

The guide below has been written by the Bodleian's Korean specialist librarian - on general Korean resources in the Bodleian.

New special collection: from August 2016

On Monday 1 August, Judge Kee Jurng Kim, President of the Supreme Court Library of Korea and Presiding Judge of Seoul High Court visited the Law Bod to sign a Memorandum of Understanding between the institutions. This act of generosity means the Law Bod will be able to support Korean legal studies far more comprehensively - especially for those with the language skills.